snoopy-the-endYesterday I wrote a short story.  If you keep up with Chuck Wendig, you’ll know he does a Flash Fiction Friday event.  The challenge this week is to write a complete story in three sentences.  I took my time, I thought up a nice little story, and I posted it in the comments of the post, just like the directions said, and hit submit.

Naturally, that was when I noticed that I used the same word twice in one sentence, even though I’d intended to use a different one.





Okay, now that I’m done abusing my cranial area (for the moment, anyway), would you like to read said story?  You would?  Yay!  Here ’tis, complete with word correction:

It had taken Rue fifty years to tell her side of the story, but at last she’d finished it – her work was done.  It was a good thing, too, because she was very nearly out of blood.  She took one last, long look at the grimy stone walls of her cell, satisfaction dripping from her smile as her gory fingers ceased writing, knowing that freedom was finally hers, and closed her eyes.

Brevity is not my strong suit, but I think this works.  Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong (but then also please feel free to suggest ways I might improve it).

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Do you want to sneak a peek?

Anná Artwork by Hazel Butler

Artwork by Hazel Butler

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that I was tagged in another writing game by my friends Afe Smith and Valerie Willis.  The idea for this one is to share the first sentence from the first three chapters of your current WIP.  I chose to share three lines from The Price of Mercy (Book One of the Lokana Chronicles) and it’s sequel, Fog of War (Book Two of the Lokana Chronicles).  As always, titles – and lines, for that matter – are subject to change because, well because I’m a writer (read: perfectionist) and I’m my own worst critic.

Chapters One, Two, and Three of The Price of Mercy start out like this:

1. Dirty tears carved grooves through the layers of grime on the poor farmer’s face as he fought and lost the battle for his dignity.

2. Vegin pulled the rough brown hood lower over his eyes as he sauntered through the dusty marketplace.

3. She ambled down the steps, lost in thought.

<!–more While Chapters One, Two, and Three…While Chapters One, Two, and Three of Fog of War start off like this:

1. Anna Martoka snuggled into the embrace of her fiancé, John Briant.

2. A month passed.

3. Anna stumbled on a tree root.

I have yet to revise (for the dozenth time) FoW, as I’m currently stuck on revisions for TPoM.  But I’m up to Chapter Six now, which is huge progress, given that Chapters Five and Six did not heretofore exist.  I still have a lot of work ahead of me with these books, but hopefully I’ll be able to finish revisions by the end of the year and start querying again in January (I know, I know, I’ve said that the last couple of years, but this time, I’m gonna make it happen).

And who knows?  Maybe this time, I’ll catch someone’s eye…

What are you working on at the moment?

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Inspiration, or, What’s in a name?

spongebobOne of the new blogging buddies I met during April’s Blogging U. course is hosting a Guest Blogger Week over at her place, and today it’s my turn to share!  If you’re not familiar with the Avid Reader blog, you should definitely check it out.  Lots of neat stuff there.  And there will be guest posts all week!

My post is on the inspiration behind my humble blog’s title and tagline.  To read more about my inspirations, head on over and check out my post.  Then have a look at yesterday’s guest spot and some of the other booky news!

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Our very own Muggles

To the Non-writing (which is like our own brand of Muggle), the whole journey is completely alien.  They really don’t know what it means to be querying agents or to have an agent or to be on submission or whatever the heck it is you’re trying to tell them.

There’s no universal translator.  If we try to explain, we get blank stares.  And sometimes polite nods.  -Authoress

I read this this morning over at Miss Snark’s First Victim.  It’s a great site, and I really enjoy all Authoress’s posts.  This post was full of great things, but the reference to non-writers as Muggles really made me smile.  You can find the rest of the post here.

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