A poem from the dream catcher

Today’s post comes courtesy of Cpl. Dream Catcher. He posted this last night on the Alliance thread with the following explanation: “I was thinking of you and this came to me.” As I have his permission to copy and paste it for a plaque, I thought I’d share it here, too (it helps to know that I am the Alliance’s Rose Princess):

Winter’s rest by snow
come spring, new buds grow,
multiple shouts of life flourish,
Sun, Water, Earth
provide essence,
a slow unveiling, pedal by pedal,
colors exposed to eyes,
a scent of life –
Ahh…to breath essence!
                                    -Richard A. Wentworth

The last time someone wrote a poem for me was in high school and it wasn’t nearly as nice as this one. I dated an aspiring writer once whose idea of a great way to win me back after we’d broken up was to show up at my door with flowers and candy and a poem he’d written himself. The problem was that his poem was little more than a guilt trip in verse. We broke up because I didn’t feel it was right to lead him on when he clearly had stronger feelings about our relationship than I did. Also, he was a little bit of a jerk. No amount of flowery language was getting me back into that relationship.

So when Sir Dream Catcher’s message showed up last night about “my” poem on the Alliance thread, I was really quite flattered. And it’s quite a nice poem, too. I myself have found inspiration in flowers many times. Now, however, I feel compelled to return the favor. I had a couple of nice bits run through my head last night as I was trying to get to sleep, so I have some idea where to start. Now I just have to sit down and write!

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