Stormy Weather

hazyOne of the lovely people I met through Writing 201 in April is Melissa Barker-Simpson.  A wonderful writer, she found herself inspired by one of the photos I posted the other day and wrote the following story.  I love it, and I hope you will, too. 🙂

Stacey waved her arm carelessly in front of her face and played with the pretty clouds above her head. Cushioned by the soft grass, she lay in the meadow surrounded by her favourite flowers. She felt lazy and powerful, at one with the earth.

With a sweep of her fingers the cloud formation broke apart and crept in front of the sun, causing a filter to its gentle warmth. She left them there, dozing a little.

“It’s getting a little cold,” Bryony whispered beside her, and she jolted awake. She hadn’t heard her sister approach.

She opened her eyes, surprised to find that her playful clouds were blocking out the sun.

“You really shouldn’t interfere with the weather. Dad will know,” Bryony continued in a hushed whisper.

“I’m tired of his rules,” Stacey answered. Her sister always spoiled her fun.

“It’s dangerous, Stace. You have to see that. We don’t have full control of our powers yet.”

“I have complete control,” Stacey said, twirling her index finger and watching a cloud float towards them; dark and swollen with rain.

“Stacey. What are you doing?” Bryony asked, her voice rising in panic.

“Just proving a point.” She laughed when the cloud opened like a tap and dumped water all over her sister.

Bryony screeched and leapt to her feet. The cloud followed her, raining down in a circle around her, drenching her from head to toe.

“Stop this right now,” Bryony snapped, and the earth shook.

Vines shot out of the ground and snaked their way up Stacey’s legs. She tried to scoot backwards but they held her in place, binding her torso and arms.

The sky above them rumbled with thunder. Her little weather cloud grew darker, pelting hail stones into the ground at Bryony’s feet.

“Let me go or I’ll make them come down on your head.”

Stacey gasped when the vines grew tighter in response. A wave of panic hit her when she saw the look on Bryony’s face. Her sister was losing control. It was horrifying to look into the dark empty depths of her eyes; they were like a starless night. It was the first time she’d seen Bryony look so angry, so unreachable.

With a flick of her wrist the cloud evaporated and sunlight streamed down on her sister. She waited patiently, waited for the restricting vines to slither away, but they only tightened further.

“Bryony. It’s me. I’m sorry. Please let go.” Her words came out in small, jerky gasps as the vine squeezed air out of her lungs.

For an awful moment she thought she wouldn’t get through to her, and then Bryony crumbled to the floor and the vines released Stacey from their grip.

Her sister lay motionless on the soft grass and fear gripped her heart. It was stronger than anything she’d ever felt. She would never forgive herself if something happened to Bryony.

As she stood the wind picked up, swirling into a cyclone which plucked her sister from the ground. She felt her own feet lift and manipulated the wind with her mind, moving them at high speed in the direction of home.

She didn’t have time to worry about people’s reaction to the strange weather phenomenon. Her brother would work his magic and smooth the way. He would protect them as he always did. And their father would know what to do.

Stacey would be punished for her foolishness, but she would accept his wrath willingly. She’d learned a valuable lesson today. She just hoped her sister wouldn’t pay for it.

If you’d like to read more of Melissa’s writing, check out her blog or her author site.  Thanks, Melissa, for sharing such a great story! 🙂

(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.


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