Photo 365 #245: Clamath’s Tale

Silvery curtains hang over the fields,
Blocking the world from my view.
But out in the darkness gleam great yellow eyes,
Striking fear in my heart anew.

Behold, the shining red eyes of Clamath,
The sorcerer long since dead,
I can see his footprints scattered around me,
And my very soul fills with dread.


He’s come for me – I know that he has,
But why I cannot pretend to guess.
In a moment his snake dogs will have me;
And they’ll squeeze the heart right out of my chest.

But wait – what is that noise?  Could it be?
It sounds like a siren’s wail.
Well, that’s it – I’m done for now.
With them at his side, Clamath can’t fail.


This is the beginning of another poem set in Lokana, the world of my fantasy series.  I’d have posted all of it, but I haven’t quite finished it yet and it seems to want to go long, rather like Miss Tadpole’s poem.

If enough people like it, though, I’ll post the rest once it’s finished.

Hope Thursday is treating you right!

(c) 2015.  All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Photo 365 #245: Clamath’s Tale

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      Glad you like it! I actually had a completely different image in my head this morning when I started trying to piece it together in my head, but I promptly forgot that image and replaced it with another one. 😛

      Now, to put the kids in bed and see if I can work out the rest of it… 😀


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