Photo 365 #248: Workin’

2014PBI’ve spent all weekend
Working.  I am exhausted,
And desp’rate for sleep.

(c) 2015.  All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “Photo 365 #248: Workin’

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      The trees will be coming down sooner or later so that we can move the sidewalk. It’s incredibly irritating that it doesn’t line up with the door. Also, it’s incredibly narrow.


        • Kay Kauffman says:

          Yes. Why wouldn’t it be?

          We have plans to replace the trees on our property at some point. Most of them are dying, so they need replacing, and we want to plant a windbreak on the south and east sides if our property since there isn’t one there already (there is one on the north and west sides).


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