Photo 365 #249: Settle

Life never really
Settles down, does it?  There is
Always something, no

Matter how old you
Are.  First it’s your own schedule,
Then it’s your kids’, then

Your parents need help,
Then you’re on your own, but not

Free to do what you
Want how you want when you want.
There’s always something,

And when you do get
That long-awaited moment
Of peace and quiet,

You don’t know what to
Do with it.  It’s a dream come
True, and like any


Other dream, reality
Isn’t as satisfying
As the dearly held

Dream to which you clung
For so very, very long.
And yet…I still want

The dream.  I count the
Years, the weeks, the days, until
At last I’ll have peace,

And they’re so very
Many, but still I count, and
They grow fewer with

Each passing day.  Soon,
The wind whispers.  Soon ’twill calm.
Enjoy the chaos,

It won’t last.  Enjoy
What you have while you have it,
For it will not last.

(c) 2015.  All rights reserved.