Photo 365 #253: Complete

odenbGoodbye, sweet notebook.
For seven long years, you’ve been
A great friend, there through

Thick and thin, good times
And bad.  We’ve shared letters, we’ve
Shared stories.  You helped

Me commemorate
My grandfather; you helped me
Celebrate my new

Marriage; you helped me
Edit, revise, and rewrite
So many projects.

And now, at last, you’re
Complete.  You’re full.  Your pages
Can contain no more.

I’ll miss you, notebook.
The cheerful colors on your
Cover never failed

To brighten my day;
The cheery yellow of your
Pages did the same.

You were a grand one,
Notebook.  I hope you enjoy
Eternity in

That big notebook pile
In my desk, along with all
Your many siblings.

(c) 2015.  All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Photo 365 #253: Complete

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      It was far from my first, but I’ve been working out of it off and on for seven years. It’s been with me through two moves, three houses, a wedding, and two kids. We have a history together. It’s going to hurt when I finally get around to consigning it to my desk – I can’t believe I’ve finally filled it up after all this time. 🙂


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