Photo 365 #344

2015-07-17 11.59.53Patty melt, patty
Melt, you’re so fine!  A little
Taste of you just blows

My mind.  Oh, patty
Melt, I love your gooey cheese,
And your car’melized

Onions taste so sweet.
Add a side of fries and you
Make my life complete.

Pretty patty melt,
I’ll miss your toasty goodness,
But more than that, I’ll

Miss the fantastic
Service I always received
At the Weathered Wheel.

Okay, so that was definitely not my finest poem.  And it was more than a little cheesy (pun totally intended), especially since I forgot to ask for onions today.


The Weathered Wheel, like the Ahoy Fountain, is…