The Best of Times


Friends and fun - what could be better? Photo by Kay Kauffman

Friends and fun – what could be better?
Photo by Kay Kauffman

I’m feeling a wee bit pensive today. This is the result:

Puberty, oh, puberty,
That dreaded time of life –
Most of us recall it
As a time of much great strife.

And of course,
So it was for me.

But those bygone years
Of trying to find my way
Have shaped me to the core,
Made me the girl I am today.

Oh, adolescence –
The last time I really knew it all.
But I suppose it’s true
That one can’t really have it all.

Still, I miss those days,
Those times, those faces
And places
And songs
And stories.


I miss those drinks,
Surge’s tangy sweetness
And a chocolate Pepsi’s
Delightful darkness
And a Green River’s
Sparkling effervescence.

I miss the food,
The sticky sweets
And salty snacks
And the fun we used to have with both.

I miss the movies
And the classes
And the masses.

But most of all,
I miss the girl I used to be,
The girl who wrote
And played the flute
And dreamed of escape,
Of a life far, far away
From the classes
And the masses
And the boring prairie days.

I miss the fearless girl
Who dreamed of speaking twelve languages
And writing the next great American novel
And changing the world with her words.

Sometimes I still feel like that girl,
Like when I’m indulging in
A sweet, sweet can of Surge.
Sometimes, like when I’m feeling silly.

And now my own young ones
Are embarking on that journey,
That strange, winding, twisting,
Weaving path of learning

Who they are
And what they want,
And I can’t help but
Envy them the hunt.

This didn’t go exactly as I’d planned. Okay, fine, it didn’t go AT ALL like I’d planned. Still, I think it captures perfectly the nostalgia I’ve been feeling lately. How about you – what things make you pensive and/or nostalgic for days of yore? Tell me below!

(c) 2015. All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “The Best of Times

  1. clcouch123 says:

    This is a highly enjoyable elegy (with use of apostrophe and whatever that repeating device is called). I think you express through verse your adolescent experience in a way that we might fit in our own as we read. “Envy them the hunt.” That’s a terrific last line. It combines acknowledgement that this time is passed for us and the new generation has it now–and yet we wouldn’t mind having that time again. Thank you! And thanks for other touches in your blog to appreciate: “Suddenly they all died.” and the reference to the Princess Bride and so on.

    Liked by 1 person

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