Cold Concrete

The challenge for Day 9 of Writing 201 was to write a concrete poem related to cold and using anaphora and/or epistrophe.  Concrete is cold, so I decided to write a prose poem shaped like a concrete block.  On second thought, though, perhaps I should have titled the poem “It’s…” instead of “Cold Concrete”… 🙂

It’s a bitter cold day out there, with the wind blowing and the sun hiding behind the
clouds of gray.  It’s always cold in the winter, and even though it’s not winter yet, it
soon will be and I can’t wait for it to be over with.  It’s no longer sweatshirt weather,
which I love.  It’s gone straight to heavy coat weather, which I detest.  It’s supposed
to be fall still, not winter.  It’s only October.  It’s not even Halloween.  It’s supposed
to be like this in a month or two, not now, not yet, not this early in the year.  It’s not
early in the year, technically, but it’s far too early for this kind of weather.  It’s cold,
like concrete, out there, and I’m not ready to turn on the furnace yet.  It’s too soon.

Is it time to turn on the heat where you live?  Or are you resisting?

(c) 2015.  All rights reserved.