Flying Free

Today I’m sharing my final poem for the Writing 201 challenge. It’s a sonnet on something that brings me much pleasure, though I’m pretty sure I failed at the apostrophe aspect of the challenge. Still, this poem practically wrote itself, which has never happened to me with a sonnet before. 🙂

I do so love breezy fall days.

I do so love breezy fall days.

It’s really quite a beautiful day,
Despite the wind that blows.
It may not be the breath of May,
But at least it isn’t snow.
The wind, of course, blows lots of things,
Not least among them leaves,
Bright orange, red, and golden things
Which chatter as they flee their trees.
Higher and higher do they swirl
As October’s breath lifts them up on high;
Faster and faster do they twirl
As those below them watch and sigh.
Such sweet pleasure watching leaves gives me
That I long to join them in the heavens, flying free.

What about you – do swirling leaves bring a smile to your face? What’s your favorite time of year?

(c) 2015. All rights reserved.

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