DSC_0167It’s the most wonderful time
Of the year…or is it?

Snow comes falling down,
In great big heavy clumps,
Kids are getting sick,
And Mom’s down in the dumps.

Friends are coming down,
And the family’s in town,
And soon they’ll all
Descend upon one tiny little house.

Papers here,
Piles there,
Stresses all around,

Bills need paid,
Gifts are late,
And payday’s far away,

Cookies here,
Cookies there,
We’re drowning in fudge,

Oh, Santa dear,
Please don’t delay,
Cuz Mama needs a break!

My take on the fallacy prompt for today’s Writing 101 challenge came to me this morning in the tune of “Jingle Bells,” as I’ve really been feeling the holiday stress lately. Are you excited for Christmas time? 

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