Sailor’s Promise

His smile was full of promise,
And his eyes were full of cheer,
And I smiled each and every time
That he would hold me near.

His arms were full of strength
And love was on his lips,
And even though he longed to stay,
He left me for a ship.

But soon – so soon, he said –
He promised he’d be back,
And with pockets full of gold, he said,
“I promise I’ll be back.”

Long days and nights I waited,
As summer gave way to fall,
And once I thought I saw him down the
Dock, standing straight and tall.

But when his ship returned,
My smiles came to an end,
For though he’d sworn to come for me,
He’d met a watery end.

Full fifty men he’d saved, they said,
But he did not survive,
And though I longed to hold him close,
I could not death contrive.

That night as I lay sleeping
In my bed so soft and warm,
I saw my brave young Danny boy,
And he was safe from harm.

“I love you,” whispered I,
As I held him close again,
“And I wish that things could be once more
The way they were back then.”

“I know, my love,” he whispered,
“And share your wish do I,
But it was my time to bid farewell.
It was my time to die.”

I woke with tears upon my pillow,
As they streamed freely down my face,
And I know there’ll never be a one
Who can truly take his place.

I’ll miss you, my sweet Danny boy,
Each morning, noon, and night.
I’ll see you soon, sweet Danny boy,
When I turn out the light.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.