Clickity Tweet

I love the clickity-clack of high heels on marble floors, especially when they’re my high heels. Wearing them makes me feel very grown up, sophisticated, important. But I also feel like a bit of a fraud. I’ve been eighteen for fifteen years and still expect someone to see through me. Any moment now, someone will see that I have no idea what I’m doing; that, despite my best efforts, I don’t have this whole responsible adult thing figured out at all, not even a little bit; that I’m just a little girl playing dress-up in her mother’s closet. And when they figure it out, I just know it will be in front of a huge crowd of people and I’ll be humiliated, exposed for all the world to see.

I love the simple joy of the sun on my skin on a warm summer day. Alone in a meadow with the sun shining down on my upturned face, it’s easy to forget about the hustle and bustle of daily life. The birds sing gaily, their song carried far and wide by the gentle breeze, and there’s peace. My doubts can’t find me here; it’s just the sun and the birds and the grass and me, and there’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be.

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More inspirational quoting

Today’s quotation comes from Boundrose:


I find this very, very easy to forget. There are loads of things I forget every day, but this should never be one of them.

What about you – do you need reminders to keep pushing forward? What form do your reminders take?

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The Earworm’s Tune

She could feel it burrowing inside her; the earworm was nothing if not persistent, and it had lodged itself firmly within her brain before cranking up the volume to eleven. Pretty soon, the bright and brassy sound of a new age jazz tune was the only thing she could hear; its rhythm pulsed through her, and she couldn’t stop her toes from tapping along in time. Though she tried – oh, how she tried – to stifle the urge, the day finally came when she could no longer keep from singing; she threw herself up onto the stage and belted out the earworm’s tune, and the thunderous applause made the months of torture worth every minute.

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Waltzing Free

A waltz is unlike any other,
The most elegant dance that I know.
As I glide round the room with my partner,
Floating so free, turning so slow.

One two three, one two three,
Don’t look down, look right at me.

Let’s go waltzing away now together,
Hold me so close in your arms.
As we glide round the room, spinning freely,
We’ll fly up to the sky, safe from harm.

One two three, one two three,
Don’t look down, look right at me.

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She crouched over his body on the floor. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was supposed to be happily ever after. He’d sold her a fairy tale, a life she’d barely been able to imagine.

And now he was dead.

They had had only a month together, hardly enough time in which to give her the moon and the stars like he’d promised. He’d sold her a fairy tale, a dream he could not make true.

And now he was dead.

The wind carried her anguish to the hills, swirled her bitter tears out to sea. The trees bent beneath her wails, snapping and cracking like his bones, creaking and groaning like the bones of her house.

When the freak storm finally passed, her neighbors found her frozen in the rubble, still crouched over his body, and thought how sweet it was that they had perished together.

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Out Loud

I know you’re sitting up there
Smiling down on me,
And I pray that you are happy
With who I’ve grown to be.

I miss your happy smile
And your easy, carefree grace,
And I would walk a thousand miles
Just to see your face.

I miss you all the livelong day,
I miss you in the night.
I miss you in the darkness and
I miss you in the light.

I know this isn’t what you’d choose,
That if you could, you would have stayed,
And I hope that I will smile like you
When in the ground I’m laid.

I hope to do the things you didn’t,
And I hope that you are proud.
I hope that I will someday be
The fool who lives out loud.

Oh, please, oh Lord,
I want to be
A fool who lives out loud.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

The Moon In Her Eyes

The night was dark and the moon was high as the brave young man strode calmly by and promised to pluck the moon from the sky for the girl he loved to wear in her eyes. He aimed with his arrow, and shot true and high, encircling the moon with a great length of twine, but it wasn’t enough to capture the prize. For the moon it continued to climb through the sky, and as it did it pulled on the twine, and ever so slowly did the brave young man rise till he found himself alone in the sky with the moon and his arrow and a great length of twine, and no way to get back to the girl that he loved with the moon in her eyes. For ever and always he’ll continue to try to capture the moon to hang in the eyes of the girl that he loved on that cold, dark night, and he’ll never forget the way that she cried when he disappeared into the great black sky to fetch her the moon to wear in her eyes. He’ll never forget the way that she died with the moon shining brightly in her dark brown eyes.

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Starry Waltz

It’s a beautiful night.
The sky’s full of stars,
And I’d love to go dancing
With you in the dark.

We’ll glide on a moonbeam,
We’ll waltz through the stars.
Oh, please, won’t you dance
With me in the dark?

It’s a beautiful night,
With that sky full of stars,
And I pray you’ll go dancing
With me in the dark.

Oh, I’d love to go waltzing
With you ‘neath the stars.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.