Fun stuff!

who’s tired of snow?  Cigars Turkey Day

Thought these might cheer me up on a crappy-ish day. Who needs cars, anyway? Okay, I do…stupid cars and their batteries that like to die. Four years isn’t that long a time for a battery – last forever, you!

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Status Report

A tribute to forbidden romance  I realize that most of these posts are simply modern fairy tales, what with the predominantly “happily ever after” endings and all, but I don’t care!  We can all use a little enchantment now and then.  It’s like one great big, never-ending daydream!  Coincidentally, it’s the kind of daydream I really enjoy losing myself in.  So I’m a romantic.  Would there were more of us; the world might be a happier place.  🙂

(c) 2008.  All rights reserved.