Winds of Change

Late winter winds bring
With them signs of change, a shift
In temperatures,

A promise of warmth
And joy and fun in the sun
And good times to come.

Yes, the winter winds
Bring with them change, and gladly
Is that change received.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.


Sailor’s Promise

His smile was full of promise,
And his eyes were full of cheer,
And I smiled each and every time
That he would hold me near.

His arms were full of strength
And love was on his lips,
And even though he longed to stay,
He left me for a ship.

But soon – so soon, he said –
He promised he’d be back,
And with pockets full of gold, he said,
“I promise I’ll be back.”

Long days and nights I waited,
As summer gave way to fall,
And once I thought I saw him down the
Dock, standing straight and tall.

But when his ship returned,
My smiles came to an end,
For though he’d sworn to come for me,
He’d met a watery end.

Full fifty men he’d saved, they said,
But he did not survive,
And though I longed to hold him close,
I could not death contrive.

That night as I lay sleeping
In my bed so soft and warm,
I saw my brave young Danny boy,
And he was safe from harm.

“I love you,” whispered I,
As I held him close again,
“And I wish that things could be once more
The way they were back then.”

“I know, my love,” he whispered,
“And share your wish do I,
But it was my time to bid farewell.
It was my time to die.”

I woke with tears upon my pillow,
As they streamed freely down my face,
And I know there’ll never be a one
Who can truly take his place.

I’ll miss you, my sweet Danny boy,
Each morning, noon, and night.
I’ll see you soon, sweet Danny boy,
When I turn out the light.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

Home With Me

In the snow I see
You marching, proud and free and
Heading home to me.

In the snow I love
You as our passion melts the
Dying winter’s tears.

In the snow I see
You dancing, proud and safe and
Happy here with me.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

Waltzing Free

A waltz is unlike any other,
The most elegant dance that I know.
As I glide round the room with my partner,
Floating so free, turning so slow.

One two three, one two three,
Don’t look down, look right at me.

Let’s go waltzing away now together,
Hold me so close in your arms.
As we glide round the room, spinning freely,
We’ll fly up to the sky, safe from harm.

One two three, one two three,
Don’t look down, look right at me.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

Out Loud

I know you’re sitting up there
Smiling down on me,
And I pray that you are happy
With who I’ve grown to be.

I miss your happy smile
And your easy, carefree grace,
And I would walk a thousand miles
Just to see your face.

I miss you all the livelong day,
I miss you in the night.
I miss you in the darkness and
I miss you in the light.

I know this isn’t what you’d choose,
That if you could, you would have stayed,
And I hope that I will smile like you
When in the ground I’m laid.

I hope to do the things you didn’t,
And I hope that you are proud.
I hope that I will someday be
The fool who lives out loud.

Oh, please, oh Lord,
I want to be
A fool who lives out loud.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

The Moon In Her Eyes

The night was dark and the moon was high as the brave young man strode calmly by and promised to pluck the moon from the sky for the girl he loved to wear in her eyes. He aimed with his arrow, and shot true and high, encircling the moon with a great length of twine, but it wasn’t enough to capture the prize. For the moon it continued to climb through the sky, and as it did it pulled on the twine, and ever so slowly did the brave young man rise till he found himself alone in the sky with the moon and his arrow and a great length of twine, and no way to get back to the girl that he loved with the moon in her eyes. For ever and always he’ll continue to try to capture the moon to hang in the eyes of the girl that he loved on that cold, dark night, and he’ll never forget the way that she cried when he disappeared into the great black sky to fetch her the moon to wear in her eyes. He’ll never forget the way that she died with the moon shining brightly in her dark brown eyes.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

Starry Waltz

It’s a beautiful night.
The sky’s full of stars,
And I’d love to go dancing
With you in the dark.

We’ll glide on a moonbeam,
We’ll waltz through the stars.
Oh, please, won’t you dance
With me in the dark?

It’s a beautiful night,
With that sky full of stars,
And I pray you’ll go dancing
With me in the dark.

Oh, I’d love to go waltzing
With you ‘neath the stars.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

The Queen’s Soldier

Once upon a time,
In a land far away,
There lived a young man
Who fought every day.

He fought for his land
And he fought for his queen,
But more than all that,
He fought for a dream.

His dream was a dear one
He’d cherished since birth,
That someday his rank
Would reflect his true worth.

His strength was unequalled,
His skills were unmatched,
And all who opposed him
Were quickly dispatched.

But fame, wealth, and glory
Just were not enough.
The young soldier boy
Craved someone to love.

He set his sights high
And though he worked hard,
The light of his life
Rejected his card.

But the young soldier boy
Was not easily checked;
He worked ever harder
To win her respect.

He fought day and night
To raise himself up,
And prove to his girl
That he was no pup.

It took many long years
And much dedication,
But at last he did make
A complete transformation.

No longer the boy
She’d sent into war,
The soldier was now
His queen’s favorite lord.

At long last his dream
Had finally come true;
After long years of fighting,
He was given his due.

And not only that,
But more than he’d dreamed –
For love sweet and true
Had his soul redeemed.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

Playing around

lake-of-fogI’ve been playing around with the text from my post a few days back, and I think it works really well as a poem. Maybe better than as a short story, even. I’ve been playing around with Canva again, too, and I really kinda love the way the graphic for this post turned out:

The steady beat of
The rain on the glass
The steady beat of
Her tears on the floor.

The fog on the lake
Mirrored the fog in her soul;
She wore it the way
She’d wear an old coat.

If she could just find him,
She’d make him see.
If she could just find him,
Then she would be free.

But the fog hid more
Than her drooping frame,
And the rain did wash
Freedom’s sun away.

She searched through
The windows,
Tore open the door,
But the fog hid her love

She climbed up the mountain,
She searched high and low,
But the fog hid
In the valley below.

Then a flash caught her eye.
Without hesitation,
She stepped into the sky.

She dove toward the lake
Where he’d rested his head
On a pillow of stone,
With sand for a bed.
But a trick of the light
Was all it had been,
And the freezing cold water
Welcomed her in.

The bitter blue waves
Stole every breath,
And with tears in her eyes,
She at last greeted Death.

The steady beat of
The rain on the glass
The steady beat of
Her tears on the floor.

The fog on the lake
Mirrored the fog in her soul;
She wore it the way
She’d wear an old coat.

If she could just find,
She’d make him see.
But she’ll never find him.

She’ll never be free.

Anyway, it’s the weekend and, now that I’m done working, I’ve got the afternoon to play around in other word gardens. What about you – do you have big plans?

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.