I’m too *fill in the blank* for this!

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I posted my stressed-out-Mom version of “Jingle Bells,” but it’s true. It’s that time of year again, and just like this time last year, I’m feeling the blues. The holiday stress began in earnest with Thanksgiving and trying to squeeze in trips to family, trips to friends, and trips to the store on Black Friday (not for the deals, but because we actually needed things) without going bonkers. This week I’ve got two Christmas concerts, church for the kids, a basketball game, a house to decorate, family pictures to take, and 20 dozen cookies to bake before Saturday.

It’s gonna be a crazy month.

I guess it’s no real surprise, then, that I woke up with the above-mentioned version of “Jingle Bells” running through my head yesterday. What I thought of once with a smile of remembrance has now become irrevocably lodged in my head, another irritating earworm of the holiday season. I find myself growing more and more grumbly as one holiday season fades into another, and sometimes I wonder if I’m becoming prematurely cantankerous.


I’m too young to be suffering from GOML Syndrome!

I’d really been hoping that I could carry my blogging momentum from November through this month, but we’re six days in and this is my first post, so it’s not looking good. I’ve done some writing, so at least my creative drive is still working. Yay! And if my posts are less sparse than they’ve been the rest of the year, then that’s still progress in the getting-stuff-done category.

I’ve got ideas for things I want to do here in the new year, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep up with everything. What about you – are the holidays super crazy for you? Are you looking forward to 2017 yet?

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5 thoughts on “I’m too *fill in the blank* for this!

  1. Martha DeMeo says:

    I’m still wondering where 2016 went. It started off great, then when my granddaughter was diagnosed with a lung tumor in May, everything was focused around her. After she had her surgery in November, it’s not recovery time and I’m looking forward to a health 2017 for her.


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