416! 416! 416!

Every week on authonomy, there is a Flash Fiction Friday challenge.  I took up that challenge about a month ago and have really enjoyed it.  The only criterion is that each entry must be under 1,000 words and I’ve managed it every week but one (and that was only because I was away from my computer during the entry period) since I started.  For the month of October, it was decided to have a horror theme in honor of Halloween (hence the darker feel to my last several posts here, as they were all FFF entries) and for the week of October 14, the entries were limited to 416 words as a nod to HarperCollins’ flash fiction contest (authonomy is run by HarperCollins).

The Great Puppetmaster (aka Splinker, in charge of the FFF threads) has collected all the entries for the 416-word FFF challenge and published them on Smashwords as 416.  If you need a good spooky story to get you in the holiday spirit, then head on over and check it out!  It’s a free download, so why not?  It’s even available in a variety of formats to suit your e-reading needs.  So go on, check it out and curl up with a flashlight and a bowl of popcorn.  These tales are guaranteed to leave your spine tingling!

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