What a weekend!

How was everyone’s weekend?  I spent mine mostly offline, fighting a migraine and watching TV.  Lots and lots of TV.  But it was good, because some of it qualified as research for The Lokana Chronicles.  After last week’s writing class and my two-day Reign marathon and a bunch of Wikipedia-browsing, I’ve got a bunch of ideas for revisions (which I’d just resumed and will now have to go back over, but at least it’s only a chapter or two).  I decided the book needs to be split in half, so I’ve got a lot of work to do because, once I’m done revising, I’m going to have to figure out how to wrap up the first half so that it feels like a complete book and then do the same for the second half.

Oy.  Vey.

icyWe had some snow over the weekend that made for lovely inspiration, but I felt too miserable most of the weekend to do much about it.  I finally got a chance to sit down this noon and work on a new short story, but then the phone rang, and there went half my lunch hour.  Hopefully I can get some more writing done tonight – that would be awesome!  I’m still feeling a bit blah, though, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

In other news…


Still hungover

So I haven’t posted in a few days.  Kind of unusual.  Okay, wow, so it’s been more than a few days – it’s been a week.  I’ve been doing a lot of writing, though, and a crap ton of rewriting, and I think it’s going well.  But I’m still dealing with that book hangover.  I just can’t get those books out of my head.

I’ve spent far too much time the last couple days on Tumblr and ogling all the pretty pictures and listening to pi while thinking about The Hunger Games and America and analyzing the series and thinking about how I can’t remember being stuck on a book like this ever and I finally decided something:


I don’t want to forget. …


Cover of "The Hunger Games"

Cover of The Hunger Games

Yep, I am suffering a massive book hangover after my all-weekend reading spree.  I still can’t believe that I stayed up all night reading Mockingjay, but it was just too hard to put down.  After seeing the movie, I was actually a bit indifferent about reading the books.  The movie left me with the impression they were leaving a lot out, but I was only mildly curious to find out what had been cut.  I managed about twenty pages or so in the first sitting, but once I picked up The Hunger Games Friday afternoon and sat down to have a good (uninterrupted) read, I found I couldn’t stop.

Since I saw the movie before I read the books, my mental image of what things looked like in the first book was pretty much what I’d already seen.  And every time Haymitch spoke up, I heard Woody Harrelson’s voice dripping sarcasm which, frankly, I thought was great.  I’m not sure anyone else could have played him better.  Same for Donald Sutherland as President Snow – he makes such a good villain!

Read no further if you’ve not already read the books.   Spoilers abound. Sort of.


English: A map of the fictional nation of Pane...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please excuse my lack of presence over the last couple of days.  I’ve become lost in Panem and hope to return shortly.  Meanwhile, have a great rest of the weekend!

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Are they real?

c. 50

c. 50 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Are you working through lunch again?” the man asked as I pulled out my notebook.

“Yeah, but this is fun work,” I replied, smiling.  I plopped the MS for The Lokana Chronicles down on the table.

He bent closer to inspect the title page.  “What’s this?  A novel?”

“Yep.  And here’s the sequel,” I said, removing the MS for Remnants from my purse.  It hit the table with a thud.

He took another look.  “You wrote these?”

My waitress joined us.  “You’re a writer?”


Her eyes widened.  “Wow!  I always see you writing in your little notebook…”

“This is usually what I’m working on,” I said, smiling again.

I told them a little about my work and the man asked if he was part of my story.  I said no.   Then he asked,