Where my heart will take me

IMG_20140416_183356Don’t stop believin’.
Let it go.
Be true to your heart.
Keep on movin’.
I’m goin’ where my heart will take me.

What do these five things have in common, aside from being fantastic songs? They’re words that I find inspiring. But more than that, they’re words I hope to live by in 2016.

Two more days. In two more days, I’ll be 32. While I officially surpassed my mother’s age back in August, it’s really just hitting me now, as I approach the first birthday she never reached. Perhaps this all seems a bit self-indulgent, but for some reason, I’ve always thought I would leave the world like she did – young, and with things left to do. There was – is – so much I want to accomplish before I die, and I had no idea…


This is a week of anniversaries for me.  Anniversaries and craziness.  Shall we start at the beginning?  Yesterday was my wedding anniversary – three years and two kids and many memories.  Yesterday was supposed to be grand.  There was going to be lunch with Seymour and an afternoon spent making a gift while babies napped and then supper out while the kids were at church.  But then my car broke down in the midst of a busy intersection.  As I struggled to turn around and get back to the repair shop, I prayed I’d be able to make it home in time to finish my projects as planned, but it was not to be.  So instead there was time spent reconnecting with an old friend while my car was being fixed.  Eventually, there was supper out while the kids were at church.  It was an unexpected day, but not altogether bad. The evening spent curled up on the couch with Seymour was, in fact, particularly nice.