Photo Friday: Pride

One team.  One dream.

That’s what you’d see if you drove past my neighbors’ house.  They – and many other people in our area – have a sign in their yard with those words scrawled in blue and silver marker.  And for all the Rebel fans out there, that dream is only one game away from becoming reality.

I don’t normally get worked up about sports, but when it comes to my home school district, well, that’s different.  I’ve spent the last twelve years bouncing between the two (big) towns in our school district.  I grew up in one, I moved to the other.  Moved back to my hometown, then moved back to my adopted hometown.  I am a proud Rebel.

Our football team made the state playoffs this year.  We played the first two playoff games at home and won big, then traveled last week for the quarterfinals, where we won again.  Today we played at the UNI Dome in the semi-finals and won.  The team we played today?  We beat them 43-0 back in September.  The win today wasn’t nearly as big, but it was a win, and we haven’t been to the finals in ten years.

Stand up! Be proud! Say your name! Out loud! WE ARE THE REBELS!

Stand up! Be proud! Say your name! Out loud! WE ARE THE REBELS!

Prior to that, it had been decades since we were in the finals.  Our school district as it is now didn’t even exist then.

So to say I’m proud of our boys in blue today is something of an understatement.  I am beyond thrilled that we’re in the finals.  I’m already praying for another win, because one of the teams we may face is undefeated (we’re not).  Go big blue!

The picture above is from last night’s pep rally (sadly, I couldn’t go to today’s game, though Seymour took the kids, who I’m sure are ecstatic).  I think the caption says all that needs saying. 😀

Okay, I lied.  I’m going to leave you with the lyrics to our school song, because it’s going to be running through my head all day now.  And if I can find a link to a clip of our band playing it, I’ll share that, too.

School Song by Gerald Ramsey

We are the Gladbrook-Reinbeck Rebels,
As proud as we can be!
Gladbrook-Reinbeck Rebels,
Fighting for victory!
Fight!  Fight!  Fight!
Win that mighty battle,
That is our Rebel cry,
It’s on to fight!
Victory’s ours,
As we lift that banner high!

Go Rebels!

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