Photo 365 #225

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the beautiful blue sky we had the other morning. ¬†If not, scroll down the page a ways and look for it in the sidebar.

Go on – I’ll wait. ūüôā

I took that picture on my way to work. ¬†I’d stopped to get gas and while I was filling up, I happened to notice the sky. ¬†But the beauty didn’t stop there:

I took these on my way to lunch that very same noon. ¬†I love how the clouds just feathered out at the ends, almost as if they were oil and the sky water. ¬†Except I suppose oil really doesn’t do that in water, does it? ¬†Well then, it’s almost like the clouds are smoke that’s just fading away…

Okay, that’s not a very good comparison, either. ¬†But I’m still recovering from strep, so, uh…And it’s Friday…

Anyway, I just love how these pictures turned out. ¬†The colors are spectacular, the clouds are gorgeous, and I could stare at them all day long. ūüôā

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*blink blink*

*chugs two gallons of strong coffee*

Wow! ¬†Well, that’s a little better. ¬†After yesterday, I’m exhausted. ¬†It seems like every time I have a day or two off of work, I need a day or two to recover. ¬†Vacation can be exhausting, but this summer, I haven’t been able to go on vacation, and it’s been equally exhausting.

IMG_20140805_150429Yesterday I froze corn, something I’ve only attempted as an adult once up to now. ¬†It was bad. ¬†I found my grandma’s recipe, then promptly misread it, and the results were terrible. ¬†But we received a boatload of fresh sweet corn over the weekend and had to do something with it, so yesterday I tracked down my grandma’s recipe again, determined to have better results this time.

I’m happy to say I got what I wanted. ¬†I’m even happier to say that I’m done freezing corn (for a while, anyway).

I posted a few shots of my progress on Instagram throughout the day yesterday, but it was after 11:00 p.m. last night before we were finally finished – it would have been much later without the help of my wonderful family. ¬† When I was a kid, my mom’s family always used to freeze corn together – we shucked and cut the corn outside (this keeps the mess down, and I really wish I’d done the same thing yesterday), then cooked it inside. ¬†It was always a big day – Grandpa always had a truckload of corn to freeze. ¬†One of my favorite corn-freezing stories involved my great-grandma. ¬†I have no idea if I was present at the time this particular incident occurred (she died when I was four), but I get a kick out of the story regardless. ¬† Anyway, it was corn-freezing day…

Photo Friday: Outside Interests

Today’s Photo Friday theme is all about the great outdoors. ¬†If you keep tabs on my Instagram widget in the sidebar on¬†the right, you’ll see that I take lots and lots of pictures of flowers. ¬†Like, seriously, a ton. ¬†I may not be able to grow flowers worth a hoot, but I sure can take nice pictures of them.

More pretties are hidden behind the cut!

Happy picture fun times!

It’s a gorgeous sunny day today. ¬†It’s so beautiful, in fact, that during a particularly good song on the radio, I randomly started chair dancing at my desk. ¬†So in honor of the brilliant day and my good mood (which I doubted would exist the way my morning started), here are some pictures that make me happy. ¬† Please to enjoy…behind the cut.


Lately I’ve been working. ¬†A lot. ¬†I’ve been working a lot at work (Ooh, hello, tax season!). ¬†I’ve been working a lot at home, too (the laundry¬†never. ends.), both on house-type stuff and writing-type stuff. ¬†I have my work cut out for me on the last chapter I wrote; the last third of it needs some serious help. ¬†But that will have to wait.

I’ve also been having some fun. ¬†With what, you ask? ¬†Well, I’ve been messing about on Pinterest quite a lot lately. ¬†You can find boards depicting Lokana, the surrounding area, and the people who live there. ¬†You can also find a few laughs, if you’re so inclined, and maybe a little writerly inspiration.

I’ve also rekindled my photography habit. ¬†Or rather, my photo-editing habit. ¬† Behold, the fruits of my labor. . .behind the cut!