How’s it going?

Dear blog,

Please to enjoy this cute kitten. :)

Please to enjoy this cute kitten. 🙂

Hi!  How are you?  Lonely?  I’m sorry.  It’s been a long time since I’ve visited, hasn’t it?  I hope that, despite my long absence, you’ve still been having fun and doing all the things.  I didn’t mean to be gone so long – really.  But life happened?  And I’m still trying to get a handle on it all.

It’s been an eventful month.  That’s both good and not-so-good.

Also?  I’ll be back with more stuff real soon.  In the meantime, happy Hump Day!  (Thank God it’s almost over.)



How did September treat you?  Are you looking forward to October?  Let’s catch up in the comments!

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Photo 365 #86

Shadow is such a sweet kitty.  I wish we could have him inside (stupid allergies).

Occasionally he (and the others) are allowed into my office for cuddles and petting, but they don’t get any further (although Socks tried to escape into the dining room Tuesday afternoon).  Tuesday evening, though, Shadow came in for cockle burr removal therapy.  Poor thing had a bunch of cockle burrs stuck in his tail.  I tried just pulling them out, but that wasn’t working real well, so then I resorted to the brush.  But pulling turned out to be more effective, so I ended up pulling the rest of them out and then brushing the remaining few stickers from his tail.

This is the biggest reason why we didn’t want a long-hair kitty when we embarked on the Great Kitten Hunt over the summer, but Shadow is such a sweet, lovey guy that I can’t imagine not having him (even if he is relegated to the great outdoors).  Still, I miss the days when I had lap kitties. 🙂

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Photo 365 #82

The photo ops on Saturday lasted into the evening with a beautiful sunset (for a pretty morning shot, check out my Instagram feed).  I was getting supper ready when I noticed that the trees on the western edge of our yard looked almost like they were on fire, so I headed out with my trusty phone camera and snapped some pictures.

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Surprisingly, the boys behaved while I was outside capturing the sunset.  As a matter of fact, the only bad thing that happened was that I ended up with some puncture marks on my tummy, thanks to Miss Opal.  Apparently, she thought I was the perfect cat tree because she climbed me more than once and my thin T-shirt was no match for her tiny kitty claws.

Oh, well – she’s too cute to stay mad at for long. 🙂

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Photo 365 #69

Apparently, the front step has become the place to go for kitty pictures. Every morning, the boys dart outside and capture the kitties, usually Opal and sometimes Socks, too. Then it’s off to the front step, with shouts of, “Mommy, you should take my picture! Mommy, take a picture!”


Of course, when we get home in the evenings, it’s the same story – they dash out of the car, grab a kitty, and run off to pose for a picture. Opal seems to have resigned herself to the boys manhandling her, but Socks and Shadow are usually less than thrilled with these forced modeling sessions.

Still, they make some darn cute pictures. 🙂

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Photo 365 #63

Every time I leave the house, say for work in the mornings, I have to chase Opal out of the garage. Cricket has gotten quite good at wrangling her (and she’s gotten quite good about letting him). But today it was Thumper’s turn:


Opal’s gotten pretty good about letting Thumper manhandle her, too. And it’s a good thing, because apparently he doesn’t mind getting scratched. He just wants to hold them and love them and pet them and hug them and never let them go (although he doesn’t seem to care one way or another about naming them George). 🙂

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