Country Ball

Ball, (n.): a large, usually lavish, formal party featuring social dancing and sometimes given for a particular purpose, as to introduce debutantes or benefit a charitable organization.

The stars shine so bright
In the dark country night
That it’s really not dark at all,

And the moon shines so bright
In the starry night
That it looks much more like a ball.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.


To the Moon

I’m flying to the moon
In a rocketship of rope,
With dreams for wings
And fueled by hope.

I’m flying to the moon,
And I cannot wait to see
What I’ll find beyond this world,
Out where I’ll be free.

Yes, I’m flying to the moon,
And it will be so grand
To live among the stars
As I have lived upon the land.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

Silver Moonlight

2015-07-01-23-10-14-e1436301553141I lie in my bed
And I think of you
By the light of a silver moon,

When your hair was black
And your eyes were blue,
And we lay together and
You promised me true
By the light of a silver moon.

But as your hair went gray,
Your eyes turned green,
And moments together were fewer
And far between,
And no more
By the light of a silver moon.

At long, long last I finally learned
That light sometimes shines
And it sometimes burns,
And even though I sometimes yearn
For the love I once found
In your steadfast arms
By the light of a silver moon,

There is no going back.
I am stuck on this track
By the light of a silver moon,

And as time drifts on by,
I will here ever lie,
Alone in my bed as I dream of you
By the light of a silver moon.

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.

Photo 365 #60

eeriemoonNow that it’s fall, it’s beginning to get a bit colder.  Friday night there was actually a frost warning, so we moved our impatiens inside the office for the weekend because it’s too pretty to let go of just yet.  But with cooler temps both during the day and at night, we’ve decided to cave a bit earlier than normal and start up the furnace.  Also on the list of ways we’re preparing for winter?  Insulation.

Since Seymour doesn’t work Sundays, and since we had both Bubbles and Tadpole with us this weekend, we decided yesterday was the perfect day to insulate our attic.

Of course, we didn’t get started as early as we’d hoped to because…