All you need is love

Today, I’m feeling the love.  And for some reason, as I was thinking the words, “Feel the love,” I heard them in Peter Griffin’s voice.  You know, from the episode where he spends time with Meg?  No?  Okay, fine:

I haven’t watched Family Guy in years, so I have no idea why that particular scene popped into my head this morning, but you can’t unsee it! Muahahaaaa! 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to share a bit of blog love today. And, you know, make up for the clip I just shared. 🙂


Apparently I made a metaphor Friday and didn’t even know it.  In case you missed it, here it is:

Every time he dropped his line in the water – and I do mean every time – he pulled it out with a fish attached to the end.  At one point, a fish jumped out of the water to get the worm hovering just above the surface.  The fish were all too small to keep, so we practiced the catch-and-release method, although I ended the excursion with a serious craving for some good ol’ fried fish like my dad used to make.  I tried to fry fish once.  It didn’t go well.  I don’t think I’ll try it again.

Anyway, he had so much fun fishing that a couple of weeks later, I bought him a life jacket and took him out to Union Grove Lake to try his luck again.  We were there for ten minutes before he proclaimed to anyone who would listen (namely, me, as I was the only person within earshot) that he was bored and he wanted to go home and fishing at Aunt Sandy’s was way more fun.  See, fishing at Aunt Sandy’s had spoiled him.  Fishing at Aunt Sandy’s showed him what it’s supposed to be like, minus the ideal of actually getting to keep them.  Fishing at Union Grove demonstrated the reality of fishing – endless hours spent staring at each other while fighting the temptation to reel your line in and cast it out again somewhere else because maybe the fish are biting “over there.”

Until the lovely Miss T. pointed it out in her comment, I didn’t even realize what I’d written.  I had to go back and reread the whole post to find out what the heck she was talking about and as I did so, a wonderful thing happened: I discovered that in writing one thing, I’d actually written another.  I thought I’d simply been recounting a fishing story, but it was much more than a simple fish tale.

Go on, read it again. I’ll wait.

Interviewed once more!

The questions have been flying once again.  Yep, folks, that’s right – I’ve been interviewed!  All thanks go to Tricia Drammeh this time (again, actually).  Head on over to her Authors to Watch site and join the conversation!

Big things are going on in my neck of the woods, but that’s another post for another time.  In the meantime, I’ll be starting a Photo Friday feature this coming week.  I meant to start it yesterday, but housework beckoned and I’m pretty sure Seymour was ecstatic that I heeded the call to clean instead of the call to blog. 🙂

And now, back to Mt. Laundry.  I’ve nearly reached the summit – I can’t stop now!

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Thoughts on self-publishing

I generally try to stay out of the self-pub vs. trad. pub debates because so often, what starts off as reasoned analysis/debate devolves into screeches of, “My way is better than your way!” or “My way is the only right way to do it!”  Both ways have their pluses and minuses.  For me, I think traditional publishing is the way to go and I hope I’ll be able to succeed in it.  However, if it’s not meant to be, I “have lots of friends who will help” me “through the self-publishing process,” according to one Jeremy Rodden, self-publisher extraordinaire.  I’ve been assured that I’ll do great and I’m inclined to believe him because he’s done quite well for himself in the self-pub arena, as has our mutual friend, Lisa Wiedmeier. With that in mind…