Happy food!

downloadSo for the Writing 101 Day Ten post, I’m supposed to write about my favorite food, and do it in my own voice. But everything I write is in my own voice, so what does that even mean?  I mean, I have different voices, obviously – there’s the voice I use with my kids, the voice I use with my kids when they’re in trouble, the voice I use when I’m talking to other adults, the voice I write novels in (and that changes depending on the story), the voice I write blog posts in, the voice I write my diary in…

I guess I’m just going to have to pick one, aren’t I? 😀

Alrighty, then.  I have about as many favorite foods as I have voices (apparently I have a lot of those), but the one that immediately comes to mind is pork chops and rice.  I usually replace the pork chops with chicken breasts, though, which is also fantastic (maybe even better than the pork chops), and my dad would often substitute steaks.  My mom used to make this dish, and I adored it.  Couldn’t get enough.

But the rice is the best part.   The recipe:


Time to slip into something more comfortable…



…like this delicious casserole I fixed for supper last night.  We’re in a rut food-wise, so I decided to try a little something different.  Seymour sometimes gets a little nervous when I start experimenting in the kitchen (and after the lasagna casserole incident, I suppose I can’t blame him, but I still say my pepperoni, green onion, and parsley pizza rocks), but this recipe – which I made up as I went along – was a bona fide crowd-pleaser (Bubbles cheered when I told him I wrote down what I did so I could duplicate the results).

So, without further ado, my recipe for Comfort Casserole (so called because it just felt comfort foody):