Heaven’s Brighter Eye

img_20170109_091618_972Pink and purple fill
The sky as Heaven’s brighter
Eye slowly opens.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

Sunny Side Up

IMG_20141027_144340Melted butter drips
From the sky onto mountains
Of mashed potatoes

As the world awakes,
Seeking coffee to wash down
The last dregs of night.

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.


IMG_20151209_215651A sun dog shimmers
In the morning sky…or is
It a trick of light?

The faint rainbow blends
So nicely with the pastel
Sky it’s hard to tell.

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.

Photo 365 #262: Sweet Birdsong

returnSweet birdsong fills the
Air as I awake, herald
Of a fine new day.

Full of promise are
The songs, full of happiness,
All things pure and good.

Resplendent is the
East with early morning light
As the sun returns.

Its sweet friends, the birds,
Sing a loud and lusty song
Of happy welcome,

Overjoyed to see
Their long-lost friend once again
So near and so bright.

(c) 2015. All rights reserved.

Photo 365 #140

We always open stockings on Christmas morning; it makes Christmas without the kids a little less dull. We get up early, open stockings, have a special breakfast (this year it was glazed cinnamon twists from a local bakery – yummy!), and then hustle off to get the kids where they need to be.


This year, the kids awoke to stockings full of candy and frosted pretzels, plus a gift or two (a movie, a blanket, a pineapple – the usual stocking stuffer-type things). 🙂 But, even better, we awoke to a beautiful Christmas sunrise (which I promptly called a sunset because apparently I can’t talk that early in the morning). 🙂


I hope your Christmas morning was as beautiful as mine, and that the rest of your day is full of good food and family fun. Merry Christmas, everybody! 🙂

(c) 2014. All rights reserved.

Photo 365 #77

There was another beautiful sunrise yesterday morning:


Normally I’m not up early enough to see things like this, but when the sun doesn’t come up till after 7:00 a.m., which is roughly when I have to be out of bed if I have any hope of making it to work on time, that makes it a little easier.  And with colors this beautiful, I should perhaps try to make it a habit to rise a bit earlier so I can catch more of them. 🙂

What’s your favorite part of rising early?

(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.

Photo 365 #71

Yep, it’s another beautiful sunset.  Last night’s sunset was magnificent; I could have watched it all night.


But this morning it was followed by an equally magnificent sunrise, which my hurried picture didn’t do justice:


The sun must be rising a little later, because it was dark when I woke up this morning.  I don’t like waking up before the sun because it’s awfully hard to leave my warm, cozy bed behind for the chilly darkness of early morn.

(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.

Photo 365 #55: The Horizon Lies

13761033525_538a505c93_bThe horizon lies
Before me, obscured by fog,
Beckoning me on,

Enticing me with
The secrets concealed behind
Its misty veil. Who

Knows what I might find?
And yet…I don’t want to leave.
The sun-soaked bean fields

Sing in the early
Morning light; everything is
Warm, glowing gold, a

Contrast to the low-
Slung clouds in the distance, their
Icy tentacles

Reaching out to me,
Slithering closer, till the
Light is gone, and what

Little remained of
September’s warmth is gone with
It. And yet, I’m called…

(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.