Something new!

Since it’s been, oh, let’s just say a week or so since I posted last, I thought it was high time for something new.  Sorry, there’s no sugar in this post.  I ate it all yesterday in the form of a wonderful cupcake from Scratch, courtesy of Seymour (“Feed me, Seymour!”) the Wonder Husband.

Thanks to the wonders of social media (sorry I can’t be more specific – I’m fighting a head cold and losing the battle), I ran across an interesting article on titles and professional attitudes this morning.  I liked it so much that I just had to share.  And if you’re not following me on Twitter, then you may have missed this!  It’s a post from my good friend Sophie Tallis that was featured on The Bedlam Daily.  Sophie’s post is the third in a series chronicling her inspiration for her debut novel, White Mountain, which is due out from Safkhet Publishing in September 2012.  Safkhet are the same wonderful folks who brought you The Banned Underground by the delightful Will Macmillan Jones.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s time I settled down in our conference room for a nice little siesta.  Then I’ll be able to whip this cold into submission and leave it lying prostrate on the floor before me, begging for mercy as I drive the cold hard stake of good health through its quivering, bloody remains.  Wow, that was kinda graphic, wasn’t it?  Guess that’s what happens when I’m tired and sick – I start dreaming of quivering globs of bodily fluids that are better left to the imagination.  Wait, that doesn’t sound right…Okay, time to hit up the cold medicine!

Note: I must apologize for that last paragraph.  The brain cells responsible for its content have been sacked and replaced with trout.  If I seem preoccupied with bubbles in the future, it must be noted that the fish are responsible for said preoccupation, not me.  So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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