Photo 365 #194

It’s been a heck of a long week already, and I’m really feeling it mentally.  So on that note, here’s another baby picture from this past weekend:

2015-02-14 17.53.57

Here’s hoping I’m feeling a little more with it tomorrow.  Have a great Tuesday, everybody! 🙂

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The poet speaks

callumWith me today is Callum McLaughlin, author of The VesselFalse Awakening, and Seeking Solace.  He’s graciously agreed to talk poetry with me, and I hope you’ll have as much fun reading about his work as I did. 🙂

KK: So, how long have you been writing poetry?

CM: I’ve been writing in virtually every capacity since childhood. My earliest memory specifically associated with poetry is when I won a school competition aged 10 and I’ve been interested in the art form ever since. The poems included in Seeking Solace were written throughout the last couple of years, which is when I’d say I started really taking it seriously and falling more and more in love with it.

KK: We have something in common there – I wrote my first poem at age ten for a summer homework assignment. 🙂  What got you interested in poetry?