Below are some books I think you’ll enjoy. Help an author out and take a look!


Stephen King takes 1,200 pages to tell a story.  We do it in half a page.  Sometimes we do it better.

Four hundred sixteen.  That’s all it takes to tell a story.  A scary story.  At least here.  Every tale of horror and suspense in this book is exactly 416 words long (you can spend your time counting or reading – that’s up to you).  Each story was written by a member of

From arachnoids to zombies, 416 has it all.  You won’t believe what can fit into two pages.

Toonopolis: Gemini

Toonopolis is a cartoon city that is home to the thoughts and ideas of all sentient beings in the universe.  As the center of the Tooniverse, it acts as an otherworldly rest stop for these creations.  Gemini is a teenage human boy who is thrust into Toonopolis through his father’s scientific research program.  He loses part of himself in the process and immediately begins a quest to regain his lost memories with the help of his Tooniverse guide, Jimbob the Talking Eggplant.

After an altercation with a mysterious Shadowy Figure, Gemini’s mission is changed and he begins a new quest to defeat Shadowy Figure and protect Toonopolis from his nefarious destruction.  Along the way, he meets new friends, discovers just how diverse and strange Toonopolis is, and learns lessons about compassion, forgiveness, redemption, and being true to oneself.

Cheyenne, a Timeless Series Novel

Murder, romance, secrets, and hidden pasts.  Deception from every angle – who’s telling the truth?  Cheyenne Wilson’s life is thrown into turmoil when her adoptive parents are killed in an accident.  With only her best friend Colt to comfort her, she scours through the family archives, hoping to quell her grief.  Instead, she begins to unravel the mystery of her birth parents, and her secret heritage.  She is a Timeless – a being that ages one year for every hundred human years when they reach their twenties – and of the royal line, destined to gain great power.  But Cheyenne has other problems.  The ones who killed her parents want her, too, and Colt is hiding something of his own.  Surrounded by danger and with few she can trust, Cheyenne must face the dark truth of her past and choose between a forbidden love that will forever hold her heart, or her destiny.

The Banned Underground

What could be worse?  Having to take a holiday in the (rainy) Lake District in the North West of England with an aunt who turns people into frogs for a hobby?  Or battling the local dark lord, whose attempt at world domination starts with the nearby underground dwarf mansion and its enormous collection of used pizza boxes?  Or getting involved with a jazz-loving bog troll and his dwarfish R&B band?  Or is it being miles from a McDonald’s?  Join the teenagers and find out in this comical adventure where jazz and magic make a tongue-in-cheek laugh riot!

The Myth of Mr. Mom

The Myth of Mr. Mom is a collaborative non-fiction essay anthology written by stay-at-home dads that shares the personal stories of eight men from around the world.  Filled with humorous anecdotes and eye-opening personal experiences, The Myth of Mr. Mom is simultaneously inspiring and entertaining.

Toonopolis Short: Anchihiiroo

In Toonopolis: Gemini, Anchihiiroo (aka Han’Eiyuu) is the former hero of Animetown who turns rogue after meeting the mysterious Shadowy Figure, forcing his creator to turn him into a villain instead of the anti-hero he once was.  Yuki, the albino creator of Wan-Wan, described Anchihiiroo’s background:

He had a terrible childhood.  He was orphaned at an early age when his parents were killed in a war.  Then his orphanage burned down, and then a flood wiped out the town his orphanage was in.  He was the only survivor.

Learn the full origin of Anchihiiroo, from his tragic childhood as Yoshi of Higeki to the warrior training that allowed him to put a stop to the Ninja-Pirate War that plagued Animetown.  Witness his relationship with the phoenix Suzaku and his inevitable rogue turn after meeting the mysterious Shadowy Figure.  It is a story about destiny and a young man’s desire to make his own path in the world.

Legend of Dragamere

Chelsey always knew she was different.  After reading an obscure fantasy novel, she sensed a connection.  Desperately seeking answers, she flies to England and befriends a handsome stranger, Damien.  They meet with the enigmatic Malcolm, who mysteriously reveals their joint heritage.  The facts are unbelievable; his claim…their bloodline.

In order for them to survive, they must go to the infamous castle Dragamere and break a thousand-year-old curse.  They are spurred on by a malevolent entity that has transcended time.  The cursed lovers’ archenemy proves to be a defiant foe and their journey becomes treacherous.

The curse is broken and so is the veil of time.  Chelsey and Damien find themselves in the past, united with the condemned lovers.  Together, they must face their evil nemesis and destroy him.  Will they ever return to their own time, and at what cost?

Blood of Dragamere

In the sequel to Legend of Dragamere, time travelers Chelsey and Damien have safely returned from the past, only to discover their world in utter chaos.  The ensuing apocalypse consumes all and life as they knew it no longer exists.

(c) 2012.  All rights reserved.

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