Photo 365 #19

It’s been a long day, thanks to another stupid headache and two grumpy boys, so I present you with a picture of Shadow, because everyone knows that looking at cat pictures makes you feel happy.


Shadow is a very silly, upside-down sort of kitty.  He’s also very soft and would make an excellent lap cat, if only Seymour weren’t so allergic.  Oh, well – at least now we can have cats, as opposed to before when we lived in town.

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Photo 365 #14

My boys love their kitties:


Sometimes, though, they love them a little too much. A couple minutes after I took this, Socks managed to free herself from Cricket’s grasp.

Still, she fared better than Bubbles did today. But that’s a story for tomorrow’s post.

(c) 2014. All rights reserved.

RIP Oscar, and hello, new kitties!

Saturday was a tough day.  Our kittens, Oscar and Patches, went to their new home Saturday afternoon with a lovely lady who’s a friend of a friend.  Bubbles and Tadpole were understandably upset when they came home and found the kittens gone, but not nearly as upset as they were when we received the news that Oscar had died sometime Monday night from an unknown illness.

Patches, thankfully, is doing well…