Book blogger confessions

Fantasy Angel over at the Avid Reader Blog tagged me in this fun little game and, since I have nothing better to do (okay, I do, but I’m procrastinating) right now, here be my answers:

snoopy-the-endWhich book did you most recently not finish?
Uhhh…I don’t understand the question.

Which book is your guilty pleasure?
I know not of this guilt of which you speak.  The only guilt I experience about reading is when I’m too busy reading to do other things, like clean the house or work on my own books.

Which book do you love to hate?
Twilight.  No, I’ve never read it, but I did see the movie, and it just wasn’t for me.  I’ve heard that it’s not good, but having never read it, I cannot attest to the veracity of that rumor.  Also, Fifty Shades of Gray.  Haven’t read that one either.  Have no desire to.

That said, if you love these books, then read them proudly.  Lord knows people should read more…