Small-town Saturday night

Er, well, Tuesday night, in this case.

Either way, this is pretty much how I’d like to spend it:


I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but I’m just not feelin’ the whole responsible adult thing right now. Catch ya on the flip side!

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Photo 365 #338

If only I could fall asleep this easily:


Oh, who am I kidding?  This kid does everything the hard way.  Still, a nap does sound nice right about now… 🙂

How do you like to spend Saturday afternoons?

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Photo 365 #5

My boys are like tiny little Energizer Bunnies, especially Thumper. He literally goes until he drops. I made them sit still this afternoon while I froze more corn, and a miracle happened.
Thumper slept.

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