I’m lovely!

As I was slaving over a hot stove preparing supper for the horde of hungry menfolk clamoring for food just outside my kitchen tonight (okay, okay, Seymour and the boys don’t exactly count as a horde of hungry men, but in a couple of years, I’m sure the boys alone will), I learned that my good friend Lindsey (whom I would like to thank profusely once again) had nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  So, without further ado, ze rules:

  • Include the blog award logo in your post – check
  • Thank the person who nominated you – double check
  • Provide seven random facts about yourself – check again (see below)
  • Nominate seven other blogs and let them know – alrighty then!

The Facts, Ma’am, Just the Facts

  • I have a terrible memory and it’s getting worse.  If I don’t write things down, I don’t remember them.  Unfortunately, sometimes I remember that I need to write something down, only to forget what that something was!

  • I am terrible at thinking up book titles.  It always takes me forever to think up anything good.  I will probably have my current WIP nearly finished before I have a title for it at the rate I’m going.  I have no idea what to call it and I envy those people who seemingly have no trouble thinking up titles.
  • One of my favorite movies is The Princess Bride.  It is a rare movie in that I’m actually not sure which I like better, the movie or the book.  Both are outstanding.  However, the book doesn’t have Cary Elwes. 😉
  • I love football season, but not for football.  I love football season for marching band.  For me, it’s more like marching band season, with football being a sideshow attraction.  I despised marching band when I was younger and being forced to participate, but now that it’s no longer a part of my life, I miss it terribly.  Oh, hello, nostalgia, lovely to see you again.
  • I loathe housework.  I wish we were rich enough to have a maid, but alas, we are not.  When I was growing up, my parents had this plaque that hung in our dining room.  I would love to hang it in our house, but Seymour put his foot down against it.  The plaque said, “Apology: Although you’ll find our house a mess, come in, sit down, converse.  It doesn’t always look like this – some days, it’s even worse!”  It fits our house, too.
  • I am having a blast working on my latest writing project.  I feel like my writing is a lot stronger and that I have learned a ton as I’ve been editing over the last six months or so.  It’s a pretty great feeling.
  • I talk in my sleep.

The Nominees

And my nominees are:

Emily McKeon
Jeremy Rodden
John Lucas Hargis
Kina Diaz DeLeon
Roger Lawrence
Tara Acton

And now I’m done!  Don’t forget to check out each of these wonderfully amazing blogs for yourself.  And, if available, make sure you purchase their books!  They’re all pretty great books that I think you enjoy.  Happy Friday, al!

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9 thoughts on “I’m lovely!

  1. lindseyjparsons says:

    Ooh I hate house work too! Your description sounds just like my house! My mum had a fridge magnet that said something like you can come in but please don’t write in the dust! Which would be very appropriate in my house I think 😀


    • Kay Lynn says:

      My dad always said I should marry someone wealthy so I could afford a maid. That didn’t exactly work out. But who knows? Maybe we’ll write bestsellers and we’ll be able to hire a whole cleaning staff! 😀


  2. KJ says:

    Thanks so much for the award, Kay! And I completely agree with you on both marching bands and house cleaning. I love marching band season! And housework? I say … bah humbug!


    • Kay Lynn says:

      You’re very welcome! Marching band season really is the best, isn’t it? Watching a band perform is always so much fun and there’s nothing like a good drum cadence to get your heart pumping or your feet tapping. I can still tap out one of the ones our drum line regularly played, including the segue into our school song. No, there’s nothing like marching band season. 😀


  3. mezzsays says:

    I loved your random facts! And thank you so much for spreading the blog love to me, most kindly of ya!

    I really miss marching band too. I know the grass is always greener on the other side, or we see the past through rose-colored glasses, or something, but… those days really were the best.


    • Kay Lynn says:

      They really were. Words cannot express how depressed I was when I saw the state of the band now. Also, how fun was it to play the Beatles for halftime senior year? I think we had the best music for marching band those last two years. Good times, great oldies. 🙂


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