The Lokana Chronicles, an excerpt

Since I’ve finally managed to get things finished up with The Lokana Chronicles for the time being, I thought I’d share a couple of excerpts with all you lovely folks.  The first chapter is available here, but these tidbits come from a little further into the story.  Happy reading!


After months of siege, the royal army was exhausted; both supplies and morale were low and getting lower.  It was noon when the Zealot army broke through the city gates.


Artwork by Hazel Butler

Henry crouched next to the door, but all he could hear at first was the murmur of muffled voices.  He waved a hand at John to be quiet as he pressed his ear closer to the door.  Where’s a glass when you really need one? he wondered silently as he tried to make out what was being said.  Voices suddenly rose.  Henry recognized Vegin’s as the loudest.  “They’re talking about Anná,” he whispered.  It had taken both brothers a long time to acclimate their tongues to the change in pronunciation.  “Something about Ravenna…”  Henry’s breath caught in his throat as he realized what was happening.

John tapped his brother on the shoulder, worried.  “What is it?  What did you hear?”  But Henry didn’t move, didn’t respond.  He just sat there, stunned, the same way he’d done a hundred times before as a kid playing freeze tag.  Only this time, they weren’t kids.  And this was no game.

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She’s a-gone!

That’s it!  I’ve finished!  Yes, that’s right, again, I’ve finally finished again.  But this time I mean it.  I just hit send on an email to someone who requested my full manuscript.  So now I really am done.  And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go breathe into a brown paper bag for a bit and then maybe read a book.  For fun!

I know, I’m such a party girl. 😛

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To the writing cave!

Once again, I’m hunkered down, making revisions.  Once again, I spy a light at the end of the tunnel.  I know I’ve said this about a dozen times, but I’ve entered the homestretch and man, does it feel good!

So forgive the sparseness of my posts of late.  I hope to be back to something approaching normal sometime soon. 🙂

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The importance of proofreading

So I’ve been proofreading my novel before sending it out into the wide world on a full request from a query.  It’s a good thing, too, because last night, on the verge of sleep, I found a large, economy-sized error.  This was the kind of error that made me cringe in terror, the kind of error that, had I not found it prior to sending out my manuscript, would have caused me to actually pull hair out of my head.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is the stuff of which nightmares are made.

This error was more than a little typo, more than a minor spellcheck oversight.  I had done some major rearranging of text and failed to delete the redundancies at one point, but then thought I had it all taken care of.  I happily went about printing off my final hard copy and set to reading through it, making a note of each instance where something needed to be fixed (and I’m not talking about instances where I decided that something sounded better if I wrote it differently – I’m talking about instances like where I said witting instead of sitting or considering when I meant consider).

Then I discovered that Chapter 13 needed to be deleted.

Not just a portion of it, oh, no.  The whole thing had to go.  I was falling asleep reading because I was absolutely exhausted, yet I was awake enough to realize that I had just read the opening to Chapter 13 ten minutes earlier…in Chapter 11.  I flipped quickly through Chapter 13, then back through the three preceding chapters and discovered that Chapter 13 contained parts of Chapters 10, 11, and 12.  Talk about en epic facepalm.

Prior to this discovery, I’d been considering just winging the whole proofing bit.  I knew there were a couple of places that I needed to hammer out a bit more, but I thought that once I got those straightened out, I could probably just give it a rest and then send it on in.  Boy, am I glad I talked myself out of that idea!  Part of me is really anxious to get this whole proofing project done with because I’m impatient, but fortunately the logical side of me is louder and knows that I need to take my time and do it right.  Yay logic! 🙂

And now, back to the grindstone.  I’ve got some more polishing to do.

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The vacation post

The world-famous Butter Cow, hand-crafted by Sarah Pratt.

Once again, I find myself penning a post about a family vacation.  This time, summer has come and gone, taking our family vacations with it.  This time, due to school starting in the middle of August (don’t ask me why), we were forced to cut our trip short by a day and decided not to go camping.  See, from what I understand, schools are not supposed to start till after Labor Day (September 3 this year), but they are allowed to apply for a waiver if they would like to begin prior to that date and the governor can either approve or deny the request.  I can’t recall him ever denying a waiver request and I can’t recall school ever beginning after Labor Day; it’s always started in August, and it starts earlier every year.  This year, our school started classes on August 15, but I know some schools were in session last week.

But I digress. Instead of going camping up north like we’d planned, we headed south, invading Seymour’s parents’ house for a few days and running ourselves ragged.

Midnight has arrived!

At long last, Land of Midnight Days by Katrina Jack is available for purchase from Ecanus Publishing.  Currently available in e-book only, a print run is planned sometime in the future, so go!  Buy!  Make sure it sells enough that I can get my grubby little paws on a physical copy!  You can buy it on Amazon and Amazon UK.

But what’s it about?  Oh, very well, I’ll tell you.

What would you do if your life was filled with fear: hide, run away – or would you fight back?

In a city at war with itself, Jeremiah Tully already knows how to survive.  Now he must learn how to live.  Mute from birth, of mixed-race heritage, his only possession a charmed flute, Jeremiah tries to discover where his remarkable talent as a musician will take him.

As Kate says, miss it, miss out.

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I’m inspiring – who knew?

Rumor has it that I’m inspiring.  At least that’s what Lindsey Parsons says, because she’s nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Since I’ve received a few of these now over the last couple of months, I think you all know the drill, but in case you don’t:

Ze Rules

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. (I’ve done this profusely, as I’ve done with every other award.)
  2. Share seven things about yourself. (See below.)
  3. Nominate other bloggers you think deserve the award, and post on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated. (See below the below.)

My Seven Things

  1. adore Italian food.   Can’t get enough of it.