Midnight has arrived!

At long last, Land of Midnight Days by Katrina Jack is available for purchase from Ecanus Publishing.  Currently available in e-book only, a print run is planned sometime in the future, so go!  Buy!  Make sure it sells enough that I can get my grubby little paws on a physical copy!  You can buy it on Amazon and Amazon UK.

But what’s it about?  Oh, very well, I’ll tell you.

What would you do if your life was filled with fear: hide, run away – or would you fight back?

In a city at war with itself, Jeremiah Tully already knows how to survive.  Now he must learn how to live.  Mute from birth, of mixed-race heritage, his only possession a charmed flute, Jeremiah tries to discover where his remarkable talent as a musician will take him.

As Kate says, miss it, miss out.

(c) 2012.  All rights reserved.

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