Holy cannoli, Batman, I’ve finished!

That’s right, I’ve finished the revisions!  Again!  For good (I hope)!  And now, a stats breakdown, because I’ve been staring at spreadsheets all day and decided to do one of my own because my spreadsheets are better:

  • Final word count (excluding chapter headings, title page, and header info): 101,561
  • Final page count: 356
  • Average number of words per page: 285.28

Once again, I’ve printed a hard copy to look over before I get it sent off.  Seymour has graciously offered to go over it for me, and I hope he’ll find the time to do it before next year because he is an excellent editor.  He just has even less time than me. *sigh*

I could do with a nap in one of these right now!
Photo courtesy of Jessie Harrell via WANA Commons

So tonight, now that all my hard work is done (I hope), I’m going to leave my laptop turned off, pop in a lovely Disney movie, and spend some time with my long-suffering family.  They deserve it, I deserve it, and more importantly, my brain needs a rest!  Of course, I could always amuse myself by trolling the internet for fun things to post on the ’90s Kid Facebook page.  That’s always a fun time!  Incidentally, if the nostalgia bug hasn’t bitten you yet, check it out.  You may wind up with a severe case.  I know I have! 🙂

Okay, time to go.  Must load up with good food, good tunes, good drinks, and good rest!  After all, I’ve got another vacation coming up, and as anyone who’s followed my previous vacation posts already knows, I’ll be in serious need of a vacation to recover from it, so I had better rest while I can.  Happy Tuesday, y’all! ♥

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