The little writer who could

It’s been a week of ups and downs here in my neck of the woods.  Thumper is now walking…when he feels like it, which frankly, isn’t that often.  Stubborn little guy.  He and Cricket are working on molars, so I’ve got two cranky little guys running around my house.  Seymour’s grandma passed away yesterday after years of health problems, so we’re dealing with everything attendant with that as well.  We’ll be seeing a lot of the family over the next few days, as the visitation is Friday, the funeral Saturday, and the family reunion/40th anniversary party for Seymour’s parents/Thumper’s birthday party is on Sunday.  Going back to work on Monday will feel like a vacation at this rate.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Wiedmeier via WANA Commons

Revisions continue.  I’ve added over 10,000 words and more than 30 pages in the last 27 days, and I still have about 90 pages left to go before I’m finished revising.