Photo Friday: The best friends edition

Well, Friday certainly snuck up on me this week.  I’m still trying to catch up on all the blogging fun I’ve been so lucky to be a part of this week, and I completely forgot about choosing a theme for this week’s Photo Friday post.  Whoops.

As I was trying to decide what to post, I remembered that it’s my best friend Jenny’s birthday today.  After wishing her well a couple different places, I decided that friendship would be the perfect theme and, since I have a bunch of pictures of my friends and me over the years already posted, why not collect them all in one post?

So, in no particular order, below I give you a dozen pictures of my besties and me over the years, from high school, through college, and beyond.   I hope you enjoy my little picspam…

Romantic-type secrets

Mmm, Devon Sawa, another one of my crushes. :)

Mmm, Devon Sawa, another one of my crushes. 🙂

So it’s time for another post about childhood secrets.  The thing is, I can’t remember a whole lot of those.  What I do remember, though, are the secret (or maybe not-so-secret) crushes I had on the boys in my class.

Let’s just say there were a lot.

I think last year for this challenge, I mentioned one.  In the comments of that post, I referred to another.  But I was less than subtle in elementary school.  By the time middle school rolled around, I had grown rather more shy when it came to boys.  And the boys had grown rather better looking.

By eighth grade…

Seriously, you can’t promenade alone

For my seventeen post, I’ve got another prom story to tell.  This one is about my junior prom, which was by far the most memorable prom of them all.

Despite this being a more enlightened age, I am somewhat stuck in the past when it comes to who should ask out whom.  Probably this is because I fear rejection and failure and also because I’m a big chicken.  As a result, I waited until the last possible moment to ask someone to prom.  Of course, everyone already had dates by then, so the three people I thought to ask were taken.  Out of desperation, I asked Mr. Junior.  You may or may not remember him from such other prom-related posts as “You can’t promenade alone, can you?”

But first, some back story.

You can’t promenade alone, can you?

And now I’m back on schedule!  Woot!

I was fifteen and a freshman the first time I went to prom.  I can hear it now: “How the…What the…Huh?  Aren’t those for upperclassmen?”

My freshman year, I befriended an upperclassman who asked me to go to prom with him.  I, of course, was flattered beyond belief and quickly said yes.  Since he waited till the last minute to ask me, I scored a great dress for a nominal price.  A couple of older girls took me dress shopping since I didn’t have a car and even offered to do my make-up for me.  Dressed to the nines, I was all set to enjoy my night, despite the fact that we were being chauffeured by his parents because my date couldn’t drive.

Friends and fun – what could be better?
Photo by Kay Kauffman

Here comes Miss Freshman, escorted by Mr. Junior…

I’m lovely!

As I was slaving over a hot stove preparing supper for the horde of hungry menfolk clamoring for food just outside my kitchen tonight (okay, okay, Seymour and the boys don’t exactly count as a horde of hungry men, but in a couple of years, I’m sure the boys alone will), I learned that my good friend Lindsey (whom I would like to thank profusely once again) had nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  So, without further ado, ze rules:

  • Include the blog award logo in your post – check
  • Thank the person who nominated you – double check
  • Provide seven random facts about yourself – check again (see below)
  • Nominate seven other blogs and let them know – alrighty then!

The Facts, Ma’am, Just the Facts

  • I have a terrible memory and it’s getting worse.  If I don’t write things down, I don’t remember them.  Unfortunately, sometimes I remember that I need to write something down, only to forget what that something was!

More stuff and such this way!

The little writer who could

It’s been a week of ups and downs here in my neck of the woods.  Thumper is now walking…when he feels like it, which frankly, isn’t that often.  Stubborn little guy.  He and Cricket are working on molars, so I’ve got two cranky little guys running around my house.  Seymour’s grandma passed away yesterday after years of health problems, so we’re dealing with everything attendant with that as well.  We’ll be seeing a lot of the family over the next few days, as the visitation is Friday, the funeral Saturday, and the family reunion/40th anniversary party for Seymour’s parents/Thumper’s birthday party is on Sunday.  Going back to work on Monday will feel like a vacation at this rate.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Wiedmeier via WANA Commons

Revisions continue.  I’ve added over 10,000 words and more than 30 pages in the last 27 days, and I still have about 90 pages left to go before I’m finished revising.

Flute-tastic Friday

Tonight is my ten-year high school class reunion.  Sort of.  See, my class isn’t terribly organized.  We started planning our five-year reunion two weeks ahead of time.  The reunion wound up involving a gathering of anyone who could come meeting at the country club for drinks.  Okay, whatever, we’ll be more organized for the ten-year reunion, right?

Yeah, not so much.