Romantic-type secrets

Mmm, Devon Sawa, another one of my crushes. :)

Mmm, Devon Sawa, another one of my crushes. 🙂

So it’s time for another post about childhood secrets.  The thing is, I can’t remember a whole lot of those.  What I do remember, though, are the secret (or maybe not-so-secret) crushes I had on the boys in my class.

Let’s just say there were a lot.

I think last year for this challenge, I mentioned one.  In the comments of that post, I referred to another.  But I was less than subtle in elementary school.  By the time middle school rolled around, I had grown rather more shy when it came to boys.  And the boys had grown rather better looking.

By eighth grade, I had a crush on at least three of them.  Naturally, they were the popular ones.  They played football, and basketball, and probably something else, too.  One of my friends even came up with a cute nickname for one of them: She called him The Floor, because he sat right in front of me in class and should I ever get caught staring at him, I could just say I was looking at the floor. 😀

By high school, I was terrified of boys.  I desperately wanted them to like me, but I couldn’t summon the nerve to talk to any of them about anything more than school.  The end result of this is that the only boy I’ve ever asked out is my husband, and that was because I saw his profile on an online dating site, saw he was from my hometown and not much older than me, and couldn’t figure out why I didn’t know him.  My curiosity demanded satisfaction, and it worked out pretty well for me, I’d say. 😀

My junior year of high school, I developed the second most influential crush of my life (the first being Mr. Cutiepie from the post I linked to above).  He was a little older than me, but funny as heck and cute as all get-out.  When I say he was an influential crush, I mean that I crushed long and hard on him and it provided me with tons of story ideas.  I still mess around with a few of them from time to time; one idea in particular is one I’d love to make work as a novel, but I don’t know if it will go anywhere.  My friends and I had a few nicknames for this crush, too, which I still think are funny, but no one else probably would.  One of those things you had to be there for, you know.

So what about you?  Did you ever have any secret crushes?  If you did, how did they work out?

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6 thoughts on “Romantic-type secrets

  1. *tara says:

    Sigh. Don’t you wish you could go back to your high school self, say, “Self, you are wonderful, and those boys are just as scared of you as you are of them, now ASK THEM OUT!” and see what happens?

    I do. I wasted so much of my life being self-conscious and shy.

    Boys are SO FUN now! 🙂


    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I know, right? Although you know it wouldn’t have worked out then for me and Second Most Influential Crush. *sigh* Still, it would be great to go back to high school and just slap myself till wisdom sank in. 😀

      Boys are SERIOUSLY fun now! What were we so scared of?


  2. joyweesemoll says:

    My sophomore year in high schools was pretty much one long extended crush on a variety of senior boys. I had a couple of girl friends to share all this drama with, because heaven forbid that we should actually talk to any of the aforementioned boys.


    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I once muttered something about a boy one of my friends had a crush on within eyesight of said boy. He was half a block away from us and there was no possible way he understood me, but I got a punch in the arm anyway. Of couree, when she wanted a nite delivered to another crush of hers, guess who she asked? 🙂

      Like you said, heaven forbid we talked to them ourselves. 😀


  3. separatedinsudbury says:

    There’s definitely a place for crushes in our romance life — when we’re single, they can prepare us for meeting the right person and when we’re partnered, they provide a barometre by which we can measure the health of our current relationship. Thanks for providing a trip down memory lane as I thought of my first crushes!


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