Moving memories

1094527_10201786529601589_1779662465_oSo, I didn’t get my post uploaded yesterday for the October Blog Challenge.  I was a little bit busy yesterday, busier than I thought I would be, anyway.  We closed on the purchase of the acreage we’re moving to, and it involved a lot of driving – to the boys’ daycare and back (an hour round trip), to the acreage for the final walk-through (forty minutes round trip), to the bank for the closing (an hour round trip), back to the acreage to drop off some things (another forty minutes round trip), then back to the boys’ daycare to pick them up much later than I had thought I would be (another hour round trip).  In between all of that driving, the closing took about an hour, we had to eat, there were errands to run…By the time we ate supper, it was after 8:00 p.m.  It was a very long day.

Seymour was planning to take another load out to the acreage today, in addition to buying some things to start working on the basement right away.  Since we haven’t yet sold our house, we won’t be moving right away, which gives us time to do some remodeling and painting before we have all of our stuff in there (and it’s going to be a tight fit – we’re moving to a smaller house than what we currently have, and we have a lot of stuff).  That’ll be nice.  But I’ll be glad to be finished with remodeling.

So, how does this relate to memoirs and backstory, or even to relationships?