We’ve lived in our house for three years now and have done some extensive remodeling in that time.  Almost every room in our house has had something done to it.  At last, we’ve crossed Tomcat’s room off our list.

Photo by Kay Kauffman

Since we have three boys, we have a set of bunk beds.  The littler two aren’t quite old enough for them yet, but they will be one day, so in the meantime, Tomcat gets to choose whether he has top bunk or bottom.  While they’re great for accommodating a large number of children in a small number of bedrooms, they’re not so great when it comes to repainting a room.  Case in point:

Photo by Kay Kauffman

As you can see, the bunk beds were a bit of a problem.  Did I say problem? I meant to say that they posed their own special challenge (by which I, of course, mean that they were a colossal pain in my back side).
Seriously, having something that big in the middle of the room when you’re trying to paint really sucks. But! It gets better behind the cut.