Oh, darling!

They say you should murder your darlings, but this one from my latest project may prove difficult to kill, should it eventually become necessary:

If there was anything Muffy Montrose and Cookie Bradley loved more than talking, though, it was shopping.  They went every other weekend, always with each other, usually with their daughters in tow, but never with their husbands, who were too busy working or golfing to notice the desperation their wives wore like the latest fragrance.

If he were being honest with himself, Michael felt sorry for these women.  They were trapped in marriages that provided them every comfort but the one they truly wanted. Even their daughters had little respect for them.  Maria was always going on about how her mother was such a doormat and how she should stand up for herself and how she would never let a man treat her the way her father has treated her mother.  But then, he wasn’t being honest with many people lately, least of all himself.

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