I spent my day collecting memes and I feel like that was a great use of my time after I spent Saturday mowing the lawn and Sunday recovering from an epic headache. Memes are like duct tape – they hold the universe together.

Enjoy! And may the force be with you. 😄

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Have you seen any awesome memes today?

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I’m back!

Howdy! Did you have a nice Christmas? Are you all recovered from the hustle and the bustle? Or could you have used another day in your weekend?

Lord knows I could have. I spent Christmas with a migraine of epic proportions, and the day after wasn’t a whole lot better (though it did involve a Star Wars marathon, and really the only thing better than that is a Star Trek marathon, or possibly a JAG marathon). Thank goodness I was feeling better yesterday; though I still wasn’t back to my usual self, it was a definite improvement over the previous two days.

I had planned to do a bunch of reading over the long weekend, and while I did do some reading, I didn’t do as much as I had planned. I’ll be making up for it this week, though, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on what I’m reading right here, so stay tuned!

And now, to bed. It’s warm in bed. It’s not warm outside. Winter appears to have struck at last, and now I must go hide. 🙂

Has winter struck where you live yet?

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Photo 365 #277

sleepyboysHoo boy, am I tired!  It was a wild weekend, between holding a garage sale and spending time with the family on Mother’s Day.  It’s kinda nice to be back at work today, where I can get a bit of rest.

The garage sale went well, and Mother’s Day was fun, too.  We watched Star Wars in the morning and spent time with my in-laws in the afternoon and evening, but poor Seymour and Thumper were so tired after Saturday’s sale that they spent most of the movie asleep.

How was your weekend?  Did all you moms out there have a great Mother’s Day?

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Photo Friday throwback time!

In honor of Bubbles’ well-received mention of Hoth, here’s a picture of him all dressed up for Halloween:


He’s four in this picture, and it was actually taken at Christmas – his grandma made him the costume as a Christmas gift and he wore it the following Halloween.  He was so excited; he couldn’t wait to go trick-or-treating as Luke-from-the-third-movie-when-he’s-all-in-black-and-has-the-green-light-saber. 🙂

Over the years, Bubbles has become interested in many other awesome things, but he’s a Star Wars fan first and foremost, and I don’t see that ever changing.  Yay! 🙂

Don’t forget to check out Charnele’s throwback post – it’s de-lovely. 🙂

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Photo 365 #160

Kids are only kids once.  Here are some of my favorite kid-related stories and things I will miss about them as they get older.

misstMiss Tadpole

Several years ago, we were down at Seymour’s parents’ house helping set up for a garage sale.  Bubbles and Miss T. were in the house watching The Lion King while I fixed dinner and Seymour and his ma were out in the garage.  As I was serving the kids, they asked me if I’d seen the movie before.  I said, “Yep.  This movie came out when I was a kid.”

Miss Tadpole: “Wow, that’s an old movie.”
Bubbles: “Yeah, really old.”
Miss Tadpole: “So…why is it in color?”
Me: “What?”
Miss Tadpole: “Well, I thought old movies were…

Star Trek quilting frenzy!

In an unusual turn of events, a recent home remodeling project led to a crafty weekend of sorts.  How, you may be asking?  Well, I’ll tell you.  And to keep it from getting boring, I’ve got pictures!

The last weekend of February, Seymour and I loaded up the zoo and took a road trip to visit his parents in the bustling metropolis of Ankeny.  On a quest to find some stencils to use in our bedroom, we headed to Jo Ann Fabrics.  That was a very bad idea.  We left much poorer than we went in, our arms full of fabric.  But oh, was it ever cool fabric!

We left with two types of fabric and two types of projects in mind.  Project number one: Tie blankets.  I’ve made one before, and it was fairly simple.  I felt confident that I could help Seymour’s mom figure it out, especially since Thumper has one in his crib and we were going to make the blankets together (no more doing things long-distance like the time we tried to make a fitted sheet for his cradle mattress).  Project number two: Pillow cases!  Because what good would a new blanket be without a new pillow case to go with it?


We’ve lived in our house for three years now and have done some extensive remodeling in that time.  Almost every room in our house has had something done to it.  At last, we’ve crossed Tomcat’s room off our list.

Photo by Kay Kauffman

Since we have three boys, we have a set of bunk beds.  The littler two aren’t quite old enough for them yet, but they will be one day, so in the meantime, Tomcat gets to choose whether he has top bunk or bottom.  While they’re great for accommodating a large number of children in a small number of bedrooms, they’re not so great when it comes to repainting a room.  Case in point:

Photo by Kay Kauffman

As you can see, the bunk beds were a bit of a problem.  Did I say problem? I meant to say that they posed their own special challenge (by which I, of course, mean that they were a colossal pain in my back side).
Seriously, having something that big in the middle of the room when you’re trying to paint really sucks. But! It gets better behind the cut.