Photo 365 #160

Kids are only kids once.  Here are some of my favorite kid-related stories and things I will miss about them as they get older.

misstMiss Tadpole

Several years ago, we were down at Seymour’s parents’ house helping set up for a garage sale.  Bubbles and Miss T. were in the house watching The Lion King while I fixed dinner and Seymour and his ma were out in the garage.  As I was serving the kids, they asked me if I’d seen the movie before.  I said, “Yep.  This movie came out when I was a kid.”

Miss Tadpole: “Wow, that’s an old movie.”
Bubbles: “Yeah, really old.”
Miss Tadpole: “So…why is it in color?”
Me: “What?”
Miss Tadpole: “Well, I thought old movies were in black and white.”


Bubbles is a huge Star Wars fan.  Once when he was little, he said he was going to be Luke (Skywalker) when he grew up because “Luke is awesome!”  He had a major speech delay when he was little, caused by lots of trouble with ear infections.  As a result, he used to refer to R2D2 as “Artube Deetube.”  Even though he hasn’t said it in years, I still half expect to hear that B sound at the end every time.

Not quite as humorous as “pot car,” which is what he used to call cop cars, or his theory that running out of gas gives you a flat tire, but it makes me smile just the same. 🙂


Cricket is our serious child.  It’s actually funny how serious he can be, and one night as we were driving home from daycare, he asked me the most off-the-wall question in the most serious tone of voice he could muster.  It was…Well, it went like this:

Cricket: “Mommy, are the trees mad?”
Me: “No, the trees aren’t mad.  Why?”
Cricket: “Because they are.  They are mad, Mom.  Because I speak for the trees.”
Me: “You speak for the trees?”
Cricket: “I do, Mom.  I do.”

Cricket calls mud puddles “mud cuddles,” which I think is just insanely cute.  He’s even got Thumper calling them that, but I know it won’t last.  Someday they’ll figure out that those “cuddles” are actually “puddles,” and when that day comes, I may just cry.


Oh, Thumper.  I don’t seem to have collected as many stories about Thumper as I have the other three.  He’s my little perpetual motion machine, always on the go and usually getting into mischief of one kind or another.  Most recently I caught him scaling the kitchen counter to get at the apple cake I had cooling for dessert this past Sunday night.  He’s also managed to destroy a pan of Grandma’s pumpkin bars and a loaf of banana bread in similar fashion.

My Thumper bunny is an early riser.  He’s often awake as early as Seymour and I, and sometimes even earlier.  It’s the one time of day he’s usually willing to sit still.  Once Seymour is dressed and ready for work, Thumper runs in, climbs in bed next to me, and whispers, “I want to smuggle with you, Mom.”  Then he curls into my side.  Sometimes the snuggles last only a moment; sometimes the snuggles last another ten minutes and are only interrupted by my alarm.  This morning I would have given anything for the ability to freeze time and enjoy those snuggles for just a little while longer.

What are some of your favorite kid-related stories?  Share ’em below!

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4 thoughts on “Photo 365 #160

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      Aww! That’s adorable. My stories about Bubbles and Miss Tadpole have gotten funnier as they’ve gotten older – I can’t believe they’re in middle school now! – but the boys are still little enough yet that their stories are cute (and also funny). It’s hard to believe they’ll be in school, too, in a couple years.

      How old are your kids now?


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