Photo 365 #160

Kids are only kids once.  Here are some of my favorite kid-related stories and things I will miss about them as they get older.

misstMiss Tadpole

Several years ago, we were down at Seymour’s parents’ house helping set up for a garage sale.  Bubbles and Miss T. were in the house watching The Lion King while I fixed dinner and Seymour and his ma were out in the garage.  As I was serving the kids, they asked me if I’d seen the movie before.  I said, “Yep.  This movie came out when I was a kid.”

Miss Tadpole: “Wow, that’s an old movie.”
Bubbles: “Yeah, really old.”
Miss Tadpole: “So…why is it in color?”
Me: “What?”
Miss Tadpole: “Well, I thought old movies were…