Photo 365 #222: Human

2015-03-03 17.59.19I love the beauty
Of a warm spring day, but I
Loathe the allergies

That always come with
It.  I feel like death warmed o’er,
And I look the same.

‘Tis such a pity
That all I want to do this
Glorious day is

Curl up under
The covers and sleep till I
Feel human again.

(c) 2015.  All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Photo 365 #222: Human

  1. createarteveryday says:

    Quercetin is an antioxidant vitamin. It’s a miracle for allergies. A natural pharmacist prescribed it to me, and I was able to get off if prescription meds that weren’t helping as much! He said 500mg three times a day with meals and a full glass of water.

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    • Kay Kauffman says:

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely look into it. I figured it was allergies because I’m already on an antibiotic for something else, but after talking to a pharmacist this noon, I think it might be strep (Miss Tadpole’s got it). I’ll find out in the morning. :/

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        • Kay Kauffman says:

          Thanks! Turns out I have strep. They gave me a prescription plus an antibiotic shot, and I think I surprised the nurse – she kept apologizing for how much it might hurt, but swallowing actually hurts more than that shot did. 🙂

          Whatever was in that shot must be good stuff, because I’m feeling a little better already. 😀

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          • Kay Kauffman says:

            Thanks! I’ve been drinking water with a little bit of lemon juice for weeks, and it helps some, as long as the water is really cold. I tried tea (I love tea), but the heat just made things hurt more. 😦

            Miss Tadpole’s had strep twice this year, most recently this past week. But she was at her mom’s last week, so who knows how I managed to get it. It’s a nasty little bugger; I haven’t had it in years, and I’m sorry to have it now.

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