Photo 365 #229

2015-03-22 14.09.16We play cards in our family.  Like, a lot.  It’s kind of our family pastime.  And we start ’em young.

Well, not that young, really – I think both Miss Tadpole and Bubbles were in school before we taught them any card games.  But when Grandpa and Grandma were up over the weekend, Cricket and Thumper wanted in on the action, too.

They hate being left out.

It started off with Cricket teaming up with his aunt.  That went okay, until Thumper decided that he wanted to play, too.  He teamed up with Grandpa, but wasn’t satisfied with letting Grandpa hold the cards.  We gave him a couple cards of his own to hold, but that actually made matters worse.  I finally managed to decipher the sobbing squeals – he wanted all the cards.

At that point, we decided it was naptime.  That really set him off.

But someday, they won’t be too little to play cards.  Someday, they’ll learn how to play Up and Down the River with us, and then it’ll get really interesting (Miss Tadpole and Bubbles make it interesting already).  It’ll be nice when, someday, family game night includes our entire family.

And maybe by that point, I’ll have figured out how to win. 😉

Do you have any family pastimes or traditions like family game night?  What are they?  Shout ’em out in the comments!

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