Photo 365 #211

It’s another beautiful sunny day out there!


I just love that blue sky.  And compared to the temps we’ve had lately, it’s downright balmy out there this afternoon!

Happy Friday, everybody! 🙂

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Well, I’m feeling rather terrible at the moment.  A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Jim Webster asked me to join in a blog tour for the release of his new book, and I happily agreed to it.  But then life happened, and the post I meant to share on Sunday (or Monday) didn’t go up…


I hate messing up.

TS2 War 2-2So here’s that post, with my profound apologies for not sharing it sooner.

An action packed investigation, from Delta mud to the palaces of Merchant princes, Haldar is back in War 2.2

Haldar Drom is starting to worry. The long running insurgency in the Zala Delta suddenly starts to spiral further out of control. Who is arming the insurgents? How and why? Then a leading local politician who is using his influence to try and keep things calm is threatened with assassination. It’s obvious that things are moving to a climax.

All Haldar has immediately available is a third year university student who gets given a dissertation project she’ll never forget; young journalist who he convinces to investigate the situation of the ground; and a retired marine librarian whose job is to keep the politician alive. As the investigation proceeds, from the mud of the Delta to the luxurious surroundings of the Drake Islands, Haldar comes to realise that he may be facing Wayland Strang’s counter-attack. Faced with a coup d’état spearheaded by off-world mercenaries Haldar has to react quickly to stop a major war.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  Wanna sneak a peek?   Then read on!

Photo Friday: The good ol’ days

Today we revisit the summer of 2003, when I worked for the Reinbeck Courier with my bestest bud and was expecting a bubbly arrival:


Here we are, dancing in the street as the first rain we’d had in a good month or so fell freely from the sky.  It was a beautiful day, and unbeknownst to us (at the time), our boss was watching from the window, camera in hand.  This picture ran on the front page.  We laughed.

Man, I had a good time that summer.  It’s hard to beat doing a job you love with awesome people.

And nothing beats a good rain dance. 🙂

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Have you ever danced in the rain (literally, as above, or figuratively)?

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