Photo 365 #216

Wasn’t it just gorgeous yesterday?  The springy beauty started early and lasted all day.  I had to go out yesterday afternoon, and happened to catch this:


Flags fluttering in a light spring breeze, a vivid blue sky without a single cloud, the sun shining down – how can you beat that?  Makes a girl feel glad to be alive. 🙂

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Photo 365 #187

It’s another plain gray day out there.  Plain gray days are not helping my ability to wake up and stay focused.


This is another shot from my trip out of the house over the weekend.  This is the sort of thing that might help me stay awake and focused and all those other grown-up, responsible-type things.

*passes out*

(c) 2015.  All rights reserved.

Photo 365 #137

It’s been gray and foggy and rainy here for a good week now, maybe even a little longer. I love the atmosphere fog brings with it – I find it very inspiring – but at this time of year, I also find it rather depressing. Winter is such a dreary time of year anyway, and the fog doesn’t help.

Hence today’s picture, a reminder of sunnier times:


I miss the sun.

We had so much snow for Thanksgiving that it felt like Christmas had arrived a month ahead of schedule. But it’s been so warm (relatively speaking) lately that what snow we had has all melted, and now it feels more like November than November ever did.

All of this makes it hard for me to believe that in just three short days, it’ll be Christmas. And seriously, they’ll be short days – tonight we celebrated Miss Tadpole’s birthday, and my in-laws were able to make it for the first time in a very long time, which made the evening extra special. Tomorrow night we’re having Christmas with my family, and I still have gifts to wrap for them, so I’m really glad I’ll have a little time to do that in the morning.
We’re celebrating with our kids on Christmas Eve, then doing stockings on Christmas morning, then another family Christmas on Sunday…

It’s a good thing I’m not back to work yet, because just thinking about all of that is making me tired. Er, more tired. I love the holidays, but I’m feeling so run-down this year that it’s hard to feel my usual Christmas spirit. Hopefully I’ll be back to my usual carol-singing self this time next year.

How has this Christmas differed from prior years for you? Is the change for better or for worse?

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